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Letters to the Editors

Welcome warmer since 9-11-01

© St. Petersburg Times, published December 9, 2001

Re: Jays fans help Dunedin, so please stop whining, letter, Nov. 21.

Re: Jays fans help Dunedin, so please stop whining, letter, Nov. 21.

We couldn't agree more with the letter writer from Toronto who told the people of Dunedin to quit whining.

We have been coming down here for 18 years (the last seven for five months a year) and it used to be a thrill and pleasure for us to attend spring training games in Dunedin. This is not true anymore.

It is no fun going to a place where you are made to feel unwanted by the comments of the U.S. citizens who are at the game, hear your national anthem played in a distorted manner, and have to listen to U.S. citizens talking and laughing while your anthem is played.

People were brought out to sing the U.S. anthem, but all we got was a distorted tape. Telephone calls to the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce and Toronto Blue Jays in Dunedin resulted in nobody wanting to take the blame for the problems. We were told they couldn't find anyone here who knew the Canadian anthem. Amazing, when you consider all the Canadians who spend the winters here. Needless to say, we now attend one or two games a year instead of eight to 10.

We find that in each previous year coming to this area, business people couldn't care less if we were here. At three golf courses, I commented that rates had really gone up from last year and was told that if I didn't like it, stay home and enjoy the cold weather. We don't play there anymore.

We have met many fine U.S. citizens since we have been coming here and consider some of them close friends. The general atmosphere has improved this year since 9-11-01 and people are nicer and seem happy we are here and spending our money. Hopefully, it
-- will continue.
Ed and Lee Redden, Clearwater and Ontario

Some improvements needed at stadium

I am on a three-week holiday from Bellvelle, Ontario. I have taken quite an interest in the Dunedin-Toronto Blue Jays controversy.

My wife and I come to the area for six weeks for spring training. We are glad the team will remain.

However, there are a few things that must be improved. The concessions are deplorable. They are over-priced and the quality of the food is poor. We have gotten cold hot dogs with mold on the bun.

On the good side of my visit, we went to the Largo Central Park tree lighting. It was beautiful with all the lights.
-- Paul Leadbetter, Bellvelle, Ontario, Canada

With water shortages, consider alternatives

Re: Fake turf could sprout seeds of common sense, Diane Steinle column, Dec. 2.

Congratulations, Ms. Steinle, for promoting that homeowners boards and other associations that require sodded lawns should amend their bylaws/covenants so homeowners can have alternatives to solid green lawns. Thank you for taking a stand!

When I read of Joy Yauslin's plight, I felt compelled to write and ask the same questions: What do her neighbors' lawns look like? Have they been cited?

I feel her property has a lot more curb appeal than a neighbor's home that has weeds or bare dirt.

I would like to suggest that the Wexford West Homeowners Association spend 30 days revising their deed restrictions to comply with current water shortages, rather than for Ms. Yauslin to remove her lawn of artificial turf.

Thanks again for your realistic appraisal of our water situation.
-- Janet R. Jokisch, Clearwater

Turf controversy reminds of another time, place

Re: Fake turf could sprout seeds of common sense, Diane Steinle column, Dec. 2.

Every time I read an article wherein a homeowners association displays a complete lack of compassion or common sense in blind obedience to some bylaw, or is threatening a home or condo unit owner with court action, as in your column or as previously in the case of a dying boy's treehouse, I am reminded of the Nazi trials following World War II. Then, defendant after defendant used what came to be known as the Nuremberg Defense: "I was only following orders."

As we all know, this defense was unacceptable, and the defendants were all hanged or sent to prison.
-- Don Kelley, Largo

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