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By ROBB GUIDO, Times correspondent

© St. Petersburg Times, published December 20, 1999


  • Platform: PlayStation
  • List price: $39.99

While giving motorbike fans 24 top riders and 16 real stadium tracks, EASports' SuperCross 2000 places second to 989's SuperCross Circuit in almost every category, including graphics, sound and control. This one has superior play-by-play and easier-to-navigate menus, but that doesn't help it pass SuperCross Circuit. Grade: C

All Star Tennis 99

  • Ubisoft
  • Platform: Nintendo 64
  • List price: $49.99

I enjoy the simplicity of a good tennis game as much as the next guy, but loose controls and slow on-court action are enough to spoil even the most basic of concepts, as anyone who plays All Star Tennis 99 will find out. Despite an all-star cast and colorful graphics, this game is for die-hard tennis fans willing to look past its many faults. Grade: C-


  • Infogames
  • Platform: PlayStation
  • List price: $39.99

Ready for the next totally addictive puzzle game? While easy enough to grasp, Ballistic, your basic connect-three-of-the-same-color brain teaser, makes you want to play and play. Shoot color-coded balls from your cannon as a multicolored string of balls creeps closer to the center of a spiral. Fail to break the chain, and you're blown up. Grade: B+

NBA Basketball 2000

  • FoxSports Interactive
  • Platform: PlayStation
  • List price: $39.99

Yippee! Another basketball game. That sizes up NBA Basketball 2000: just another basketball game. The graphics are good for the PlayStation, but they pale in comparison to NBA 2K for the Dreamcast. The control is also a little stiff. Buy a Dreamcast and see what a real basketball game is like. Grade: C

Knockout Kings 2000

  • EASports
  • Platform: PlayStation
  • List price: $44.99

EASports knows how to milk a license. Or in the case of Knockout Kings 2000, several licenses. Not only do you get 50 of the best fighters of all time -- heavyweights, middleweights and lightweights -- but 10 real boxing venues as well. Choose from a free-for-all-like arcade mode or career mode for the thinking boxer. Great graphics and music add to the realism. Grade: B-

Quake 2

  • Activision
  • Platform: PlayStation
  • List price: $39.99

Of the first-person shooters, Quake 2 is probably one of the most violent, not to mention one of the best. If you're a mature player (17 or older) who can handle gratuitous bloodshed and you don't mind heavy metal background music, you're likely to be mesmerized by this kill-or-be-killed search mission. Just don't let the little ones near it. Grade: B

Chocobo Racing

  • Squaresoft
  • Platform: PlayStation
  • List price: $39.99

Here's an extremely cute, highly frustrating entry into the cart racing genre. For small kids, I suggest renting it. Crash Team Racing, another cart game, is both cute and refined as far as control goes. Chocobo Racing adds some nice features such as magical abilities and custom characters, but it doesn't translate very well into fun. Grade: C-

Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions

  • Konami
  • Platform: PlayStation
  • List price: $39.99

Granted, Metal Gear Solid was a great game, but it doesn't mean you should buy anything with the Metal Gear name on it. Solid 2 will probably sell like gangbusters, but this one, meant to hold fans over, has a real been-there, done-that feel to it. Still, for spy fans, it's worth a try. Grade: C+

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