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'Majestic' Carrey deserves Oscar

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published December 24, 2001

Movie: The Majestic

Rating: PG

Summary: Peter Appleton (Jim Carrey) is a Hollywood script writer in the '50s who is working on his second movie. After he is blacklisted by the U.S. government, he gets drunk and takes a car ride up the California coast to try to make sense of what's happening to him (not a good idea!). He crashes his car on a bridge and falls into the raging river below. When he wakes up on a deserted beach, he has no recollection of what happened or who he is. He is brought to a quaint, nearby town by the elderly man who finds him, and upon arrival he is mistaken for a long-lost war hero, Luke Trimble, who was supposedly killed in World War II. He moves in with his "father" (played by Martin Landau), and together they restore the long-neglected theater his father used to run, The Majestic. Luke's former fiance comes back into the picture, too, and Appleton's world changes drastically as he gets more and more involved in the life that really isn't his. The real problems begin when the life he left behind starts to catch up to him.

My View: This film really blew me away. First of all, Jim Carrey gives an astounding performance! Not by any stretch of the imagination was this a typical Carrey film. He put his extremely comedic personality away for this one and played a totally dramatic role. I became more and more involved in the story as it moved along. The overall acting, the settings and the whole nostalgic ambience of this film captivated me. I believe this was an Academy Award performance by Carrey.

Favorite Part: Carrey's versatility as an actor amazes me. He is able to play a wide range of characters successfully, and he proved is with this role.

Least Favorite Part: The Majestic dragged on longer than it needed to. At two hours and forty minutes, it could have been a half hour shorter and still gotten the point across.

Recommendations: That this film is rated PG, and Jim Carrey is the starring actor, is deceiving. The theme of the anti-communist sentiments and the blacklisting of Hollywood actors, writers and directors that occurred in the 1950s is a serious one that won't interest younger viewers. To those 12 and up who aren't expecting Carrey's rubber-faced humor, I highly recommend this film!

Grade: A

-- Billy Norris, 14, is in the eighth grade at Seminole Middle School, and is a former member of the Times X-Team.

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