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Timeless Agony


True revolutions in thinking and attitude don't happen that often. Sure, we kid ourselves that we're oh-so hip and different from our parents. But the majority of us end up with an assortment of marriage, kids, mortgages, divorce and debt just like Mom and Pop. Recently, I came home longing for a martini, a pair of slippers and a freshly pressed newspaper while the Little Woman fixed dinner. (I had a bowl of Cheerios and read http://www.news.com while She Who Must Be Obeyed worked late. At least I don't own a minivan). While a little quaint, the 1930s and '40s advice on Miss Abigail's Time Warp Advice site is still relevant to today's grand imponderables, and I find it refreshing to know my grandparents were just as messed up as I am.

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Ever unwrapped one of those initially nifty sounding garden planning, what-if CD-ROMs to find it has absolutely zero information on native Florida plants? We're the third-largest state! And they must have our kind of plants in the southern part of the People's Republic of California, where they get everything they want. Well, the Web waits for no one, and some bright sparks at FloriData.com have done the unthinkable and created a remarkable Florida plant happening online.

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A glimpse at yesteryear


This graphically rich, coffee table book of a site takes a glimpse at yesteryear's advertising in New York City. Ads were painted on buildings rather than printed and pasted on billboards as today's short rotation media are. The elements have weathered away the layers that covered these curiosities revealing them once more. The text that accompanies the Baby Ruth Candy shot perpetuates the popular misconception that the chocolate bar was named after President Grover Cleveland's daughter. Apart from that, the site is gorgeous.

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Plug-in free zone


In a word, wow! You'll need a version 4.0 browser to view this site as it is entirely Dynamic HTML (or DHTML) -- unfortunately, version 3 browsers do not support DHTML. All the cool animations on this site happen without Flash, Java, animated GIFs and other tricks. So there are no plug-ins to download, configure or tweak. It is a glimpse of the future, and some day all sites will be built this way.

* * *

I love me, too


Oh the sarcasm! Oh the irony! Consider this paragraph from the About page, which made me smile: "Considering this is the Web and all, we will try to keep things readably short. (Unless something needs to be longer, in which case that piece will be longer.)" It may be a little too New York publishing insiderish for your taste. But if you like your words smug and cocky, you'll love it. And if you don't like smug and cocky, why are you reading Site Seeing?

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