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Changing PCs? Take your Favorites with you


© St. Petersburg Times, published March 1, 1999

Q. Is it possible to put the contents of my Internet Explorer Favorites on a disk and then delete them from the Favorites list?

A. Yes, your list of Favorites can be found at: \Windows\Favorites. This also comes in handy when changing from one PC to another. This way you don't have to establish all your favorites and Web bookmarks again.

Q. When I do a search using Internet Explorer, a window opens on the left side of the screen. When the hits come back and I click a choice, the site then appears where the search list had been instead of in the right window. Then I can't get back to the search unless I close the browser and restart it. This is in Windows 98.

A. This problem is caused by an invalid search bar value in the registry and requires editing to fix it. You should back up the registry before you edit it. You will need to remove the invalid search bar value in the following registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

Then check that the data value for the Search Page and Default_Search_URL values match each other in the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

Q. I get two error messages when I boot up my computer. The first message states: "Cannot find the file setup.exe (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available." I press "OK" and get this message: "Could not load or run setup.exe specified in the win.ini file. Make sure the file exists on your computer or remove the reference to it in the win.ini file." I press enter and everything runs fine after that.

A. Edit your Win.ini file and remove the reference to "Setup.Exe"' in either the "Load=" or "Run=" line (in the Windows section). A shortcut to editing your Win.ini file is: Start/Run and type in Win.ini, press enter. Make a copy of this file first if you're concerned about potential problems.

Q. I need a Windows 95 CD-ROM. I lost mine, along with the book, in a move.

A. Try calling Microsoft at (800) 360-7561. This division deals with replacing software along with downgrade exchanges. If you have registered your Windows95, this may be enough. However, without any kind of proof of purchase, I'm not sure what they can do for you.

Q. Is there a way, within Windows 98 or third-party software, to configure my CD-ROM as Drive B?

A. It is not possible. Your choices for drive letter assignment for CD-ROMs start after your last hard drive. You may think that the SUBST command could fool the system, but it will not work this way on removable media (CD-ROMs).

Q. I collect MIDI files and have several disks full of them. In Windows 3.11, they had what was called a Playlist in which you could take several MIDI files from a floppy disk and program them to be played, one after the other. I cannot find a similar item on Windows 98. If Windows 98 can't do the same thing, is there some way I can copy the files from 3.11 over to 98?

A. Check to see if your sound card vendor has updated utility. Most will have some sort of MIDI sequencer/playlist. If not, there are several shareware/freeware options available. One I like is MIDI Genie (simtel.saix.net/win95/music.html/midig190.zip).

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