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Like watching paint dry www.dullmen.com/

Drier than a summer in Florida and more fun than lunch with me, this site sarcastically celebrates all that is, well, dull. Shades of gray, black and white photography, tractor spotting and timing CBS' 60 Minutes to see if it runs long are featured here. If you didn't know better, you might confuse it with that charming Web color printer campaign from Hewlett Packard.

Frankly my dear . . . www.waysouth.com

Being Southern isn't a geographic thing. It is more a credo by which you measure your enjoyment of Gone with the Wind, mild winters, iced tea and other un-Northernly gifts. The next time you have one of your uppity friends in town from, say, Atlanta, mention that as far as you're concerned, Atlanta is a northern town to Floridians. Guaranteed to catch them off guard.

Everything about nothing everything.slashdot.org

If you thought the dictionary was a great novel about everything, then Everything ought to be the site that goes with the book. This content on this site is almost entirely driven by input from individual users who pick their favorite subjects, biographies or other topics, and write them up. The exceptionally groovy bit is that phrases or words within your text can be hyperlinked to other subjects, either written by yourself or not. I'm still trying to decide what purpose Everything serves. It may be that it is nothing more than an addictive hyperlinking experiment gone mad.

Y2K target of the week


Not being content with scaring the willies out of your technologically ignorant and elderly relatives, the Y2K loonies are here for your children. Yes, kids, you can become a Disaster Action Kid and instruct your parents not to take all their savings out of the bank. My latest favorite Y2K bashing site, Y2KCulture.com, wields its mighty HTML editor against all this nonsense. I flipped a coin to show you this one or Martha Stewart's stylish guide to being prepared for global martial law, also featured during my visit.

New keyboard symphony www.dvorty.com

Here is a smart idea for anybody wanting to wean himself/herself off the carpel-unfriendly QWERTY keyboard layout, as yours truly has been struggling to do. If you've been typing for a while, the faster you get, the less you consciously hit individual keys. This makes learning an alternate keyboard layout a major pain. So these smart folks have come up with a keyboard that does both Dvorak and the QWERTY layout without the need for special drivers. Just like toggling the keypad with the Num Lock key, the Dvorty board allows you to switch back and forth between keyboard layouts. I used this keyboard for about a week before switching back to my Kinesis Classic (www.kinesis-ergo.com). It is still a "straight" keyboard rather than a true ergonomic design.

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