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Joys of the '70s


© St. Petersburg Times, published March 15, 1999

Will this advertising-driven '70s pop culture revival never end? Is it not enough to bring back the Beetle? I guess not. The '70s were not just about being hip, although the '70s nerd look is the fashionable ensemble here in Back to the Futureland. If you dress like a nerd, you might as well accessorize, dahling, with the exceptionally nifty Java-driven Slide Rule. Print it out and stick it in your shirt pocket.

Stop and smell the iwww.freeverse.com/ivase

Speaking of accessorizing, now I've seen everything -- at least until next week. This is a $9 vase that attaches to the side of your iMac ("Using proprietary suction technology developed in France"). I guess you put a single rose in it and stop and sniff it from time to time. But what if you order the wrong color for your iMac sporting chums? There is a whole new area of psychotherapy just waiting to start.

Small temptations www.jpd.com

Not long after I bash out an article writing laptops off as too bulky and inconvenient, some smart aleck sends me a link to this site. Salivate over the newest teeny Libretto or let your eyes bulge at the waiflike Dynabook. Contemplate taking out that second mortgage to own them all. I'm sticking with my Pilot, though. You'll be lucky to get a couple of hours of mobile computing from these silicon slivers. Sex appeal or not, I need to get some work done.

An eye-stomach connection www.dinnerandamovie.com

I read somewhere that you should never put up a copycat Web site unless you could at least offer a useful and unique feature twist. Remember Disney's entrance into the "me too!" portal world a few months ago? Yawn. While cruising around for a movie recently, I stumbled over Dinner and a Movie. Sure, it offers movie listing access to what is playing in the Tampa Bay area and the rest of the country, but it also tells you the closest restaurant in one of the pre-selected neighborhoods. Anybody who can link my eyes with my stomach is all right with me.

Mother would approve

Shakespearean insult generators were a huge geek hit about two years ago, with such sayings as "Thou foul mouthed shoes doth flap with excess" passed around. Geeks in my office enjoy hits of this type -- real world mileage may vary. I've seen Monty Python insult generators, but this is the first surrealist compliment generator I've found. A nice, positive spin that could unfortunately earn you a rap in the mouth if the recipient thinks you're being wise.

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