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Here we go again


© St. Petersburg Times, published March 22, 1999

Here we go again www.unlistme.com

Forgive my sarcastic, doubting ways while I tear into this site. The intention is to provide an opt-out list for the oxymoronic idea of Internet-based direct e-mailers (or spammers) with morals. You provide them with your e-mail address, and they don't send you bandwidth-wasting spam. Or you can hand over your phone number and home address if you like! Oh, it gets better: After you unlist yourself, you can sign up for catalogs and direct e-mail. My sides hurt from laughing. There is no indication to say this will happen but who is to say this company won't fall on hard times and sell its pristine, almost completely accurate list? Sort of like asking 10th-graders to mark their own test papers. Just say no, babe.

They're no dummies wwwservices.landsend.com/mvm/

I'm sure somebody has done this elsewhere, but this is the first time I've seen an online personal model. You can anonymously pick your body type and then try on virtual clothes without the aid of a fitting room. This is only for women's clothes, which initially seemed a little sexist. But, after a moment of contemplation, men don't really care about clothes -- ours or yours -- so no big deal. Note that I had to trim the Web address so it would fit in my narrow column -- you'll get an error after you punch in this address. Just click continue afterward.

We're really cooking now


Now to the food portion of this week's column. Much like the late Andy Warhol, I would turn up for the opening of an envelope if there were some guarantee of decent catering at the event. Food is one of life's great pleasures, so what was the UNcola-crew thinking when it published You're Really Cooking with 7-Up back in the '50s? What didn't get published? Replace your car oil with Coke? Pepsi guide to removing enamel?

Mostly harmless


Poor tiny Blue Mountain, purveyors of innocent online greeting cards, cannot get a decent break. If it's not enough that Microsoft's pre-release IE5 mail reader whacks its wares as spam, it seems that some malicious individual started a rumor that opening electronic cards from these folks will crash your system. Blue Mountain took Microsoft to court and got an injunction on the former, but the latter is virtually impossible to clamp down. Welcome to the big leagues!

Doubtful commercial viability


As the resident Mr. Ergonomics, I have test-driven more keyboards than Monica has signed books. Not being able to type frightens the willies out of me, hence the interest. However, I doubt if I'll be testing this one-of-a-kind keyboard, partly because it is one of a kind but mainly because the dangling wires would almost certainly electrocute my curious, wire-chewing cat.

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