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Norton Anti-Virus 5.0 for PC



© St. Petersburg Times, published March 29, 1999

I now know for certain that my computer is fat, flabby and overfed, but not diseased. That is the purpose behind anti-virus programs such as Norton Anti-Virus 5.0.

The need for a diagnosis was prompted by another of the many anonymous technical help folks I've gotten to know all too well since I joined the world of the Internet. As we worked through yet another problem, he suggested that perhaps my computer had picked up a virus. Time for the hard-drive version of a blood test.

As always, I left myself a complete day free for the installation process. I wouldn't consider myself a techno-nerd, more of a techno-idiot. But in this case, the whole day wasn't necessary. One small stumble during the installation process (as I was trying to register the software online) was the only glitch. Once that hurdle was cleared, Norton led me quite easily through the process of downloading new virus profiles from the Internet, then scanning my computer. It took about 30 minutes to scan all the files in a chockablock full 2-gigabyte hard drive.

The best thing is that from here on, Norton does all the work. The program makes it simple to schedule automatic scans and downloads of new virus profiles. Once you've set the schedule, which is easily done, you just go on your merry way, while Norton hums along reassuringly on its own. Since the installation several weeks ago, Norton has jumped in every Sunday night, as instructed, to make sure nothing nasty has made its way into my hard drive.

According to generally easy-to-follow instructions, Norton will handle just about any virus it finds. It lets you know what it has found and asks you if you want to repair it. You, not being a complete fool, would say yes. For the moment, since my computer is apparently disease-free, I'll have to take Norton's word that it is that simple.

Platform reviewed: PC.

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