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© St. Petersburg Times, published March 29, 1999

Somebody, somewhere is sitting in my buttery-soft leather jacket, wearing my slippers and thumbing through my signed, first-run edition of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. And I bet that someone is related to somebody at TWA, who went out of the way to lose my baggage in 1990. But imagine if I lost my bags now, rather than dealing with the problems that go with forms, paperwork, insurance and the like, I could simply pull up this site and buy all my goodies back at a fraction of their original cost.

A Loose Moose on the desktop

There is a nasty rumor that I don't like the Mac. Sure, I keep mocking the little two-tone computer that could, but it is all good-natured ribbing. If the truth be told, I was entirely Mac based until about five years ago. The reason I left the merry throng was I needed to run software not available Appleside. Otherwise, I'd probably still cart around my PowerBook and wear wire-frame glasses. So when I saw the Moose has finally made it to version 2.0, tears of nostalgia swelled in these cynical ducts. Just think of me as a softer, gentler person for sharing.

While I have your Mac-tention www.emulators.com/

I've been aware of Windows emulators for the Macintosh for some time. But emulation software was always so unbelievably slow. A really slow computer with very little RAM, or random access memory, trying to emulate another really slow computer isn't going to magically give you a fast computer. For the most part, the whole emulation thing was unusable. Time and processor speed march on, and I stumbled across this page that features an emulator that does things the other way around: A Windows 95 or NT computer can use this software to do Mac emulation. Where are those old Mac software disks?

Will we never learn?

I was surprised to see how little reaction there was to Windows 98's unique identifier that can get transmitted back to places such as Microsoft. Intel announced its Pentium III intentions, took a fearful PR beating, backed down and shipped the chip with the serial number in the off state. Microsoft ships Windows 98 with the feature on and doesn't bother to tell anybody, and people shrug their shoulders as if it is an expected business practice. With that in mind, you might enjoy this article from Junkbusters that talks about Windows 2000 and the potential registration process.

All the news that's fit to snip coupons.yahoo.com

What is this? Local coupon mailers ValPak in a deal with those hard to catch Silicon Valley types at Yahoo!? It certainly looks that way. While this site has that utilitarian Yahoo! look, it lacks the sheer coupon richness of the mother ship (www.valpak.com).

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