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Not all drives support multi-session CD-ROMs


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Q. I was given a recordable CD-ROM with three directories, each with numerous files in them (mostly shareware stuff). I have seen the directories and all of the files on three different computers, so I know they are there. When I insert the CD-ROM, only one directory shows up.

A. I'm guessing that your CD-ROM drive is not multisession capable (the ability to read information recorded on the CD-ROM at different times). Most CD-ROM drives made after 1996 are multisession capable. However, I have seen some newer, inexpensive CD-ROM drives that are not.

Q. When I am on the Internet, an error message appears in a window headed "Internet Explorer Script Error -- Microsoft JScript runtime error. [Line: 4] Object doesn't support this property or method."

A. This is either an error within the JavaScript on the Web page or your browser is not compatible with this particular JScript version. In the first case, there is nothing you can do except to e-mail the Web master (if possible) and alert him to this error. If it is the second case, updating your browser to IE 4.01 SP1 should fix this problem.

Q. I have been sending line drawings of cartoons and scanned photos as attachments to friends, and family members for some time. Now I get error messages that files are too large and I need some kind of plug-in to be able to send the attachments. The error message also advised that a maximum of 5 megabytes can be transmitted.

A. This sounds like a limitation being enforced by your Internet service provider. Check with it to see if limits on e-mail attachments have been imposed.

Q. We are running a Windows 98-installed screen saver that proved to be bad. How do we remove it?

A. Click Start, Settings, then Control Panel. Double-click Display, then click the Screen Saver tab. Click the Screen Saver combo-box and select None (or one of the other default options that come with Windows). Then click the OK button.

Q. My task bar on Windows 95 used to be at the bottom of the screen. Now it is positioned vertically on the left side of the screen. How do I get it back to the bottom?

A. Click and hold down the mouse on an empty area on the task bar. Then drag the task bar to the bottom of the screen and release.

Q. Even though System Resources shows 78 percent free, I get messages that I need more memory or system resources when I click on the Microsoft Mail icon. I do not use MS Mail, but I don't want to get rid of it until I find that everything is okay. Where do I go from here?

A. Almost all "out of memory" messages are really mismatched DLLs (program libraries) that figure things are so wrong that there must be a memory shortage. There almost never is. In your case, an incorrect mapi32.dll file exists in the Windows/system directory, which could have been the result of adding/removing various network components. You may have been presented with a "A file being copied is older than the file currently on your computer'" type message that was overridden. To resolve this problem, either reinstall Exchange client or copy mapi32.dll from another computer running the Exchange Windows 95 client, or just leave it alone since you do not use Microsoft Mail.

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