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WordPad can add words to balky dictionary


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Q. When I am creating a document in Word 7.0 and use spell check with the right mouse button, I get a message that the custom dictionary is full if the word in question is a new word, even though I have added several extra custom dictionaries and have followed the Help instructions to create new ones. I checked several of these custom dictionaries using the edit function, yet they are empty.

A. This problem occurs when the custom dictionary has reached 64 KB in size. Microsoft recommends two methods to work around this limitation. The easiest method is to add words to the custom dictionary using WordPad (don't use Word because it will truncate anything over 64 KB). To find your custom dictionary, follow these steps:

1. On the Tools menu, click Options.

2. Click the Spelling & Grammar tab.

3. Click Dictionaries.

5. Click Cancel and then Close

To add a word to your custom dictionary, open your custom dictionary with WordPad by doing the following:

1. To start WordPad, point to Programs on the Start menu, point to Accessories, and then click WordPad.

2. Add the words you want.

Q. When using the search on Internet Explorer on my computer, the results come up in the same left frame that the search was started in. When using another computer, the results come up in the main (right) window. I can do only one search and have to restart Explorer for the next

A. While this is a known problem, I found that the documented fix from Microsoft (which is to edit the registry) does not correct the problem. The best fix is to uninstall and then reinstall IE. You may want to consider upgrading to IE 5.0 instead. Along with some other advantages that come with 5.0, it fixes this problem.

Q. I loaded Dr. Solomon's anti-virus deluxe. Now I have problems when I scan and defrag. Scanning tells me I have programs open and to close them, even though nothing is open. Defrag never completes.

A. It sounds as if your anti-virus software is active. Most anti-virus programs have a disable option (try right-clicking its icon). If after disabling the anti-virus program you still receive this message, try doing a Ctrl-Alt-Del (at the same time) to bring up the Windows Task manager. This will show you what is running on your system.

Q. The screen pointer on my 2-month-old computer occasionally freezes or locks up. I have to use the reset button. What do you think is causing this problem? Can you suggest a procedure to unlock without going through a shut and restart procedure?

A. My guess is that it is a video adapter problem. Make sure you have the latest drivers. You can try using the Windows Update feature of Windows 98 (click Start, then Windows Update). This will take you to the Windows 98 Update Web site. Click Device Drivers and see if it finds an update for your video adapter. You also can check manually by right-clicking on the desktop, choose Properties, the Settings tab, the Advanced button and then the Adaptor tab. Make note of the Software Version and compare this to the latest version listed on the video adaptor vendor's Web site. If all else fails, try adjusting the Video Hardware Acceleration slide bar (right-click My Computer, choose Properties, Performance, then the Graphics button). It is a good idea to start with the setting at Full and move the slider to the left until you find the setting that works best.

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