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Virus scan could be slowing your PC


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A. This could be the result of your virus detection program (PC-cillin) scanning the executable program at start-up. Try disabling PC-cillin and see if Combat Flight Simulator loads faster. If so, check the options for PC-cillin to see if it has an option for bypassing certain files. Most virus-detection programs have this capability.

Q. I cannot find any reference to the missing shortcut message (DMHKEY.EXE) that appears each time I boot up my computer. It doesn't interfere with the boot, but it is annoying. I have tried it all -- searched win.ini, system.ini, autoexec.bat and config.sys. I also have done a search through the registry and checked the Start directory (from both the task bar and from Windows Explorer). I have done a file search of local hard drives for any files beginning with DHM.

A. The only reference to DMHKEY I could find had to do with software from Neurosync -- a subliminal messaging application -- so it makes sense that it would be looking to Startup at boot time. Check to see if it is listed as an installed program (Control Panel, Add/Remove software) and remove it from there. If it is not, look in this registry key for a reference that may relate to this software:


Q. I lost my Clip Art Gallery from Microsoft Office, PowerPoint and Works. I have the files and can insert a picture from a file. But the Clip Art Gallery with the tabs for audio and other functions will not pop up. I have done Add/Remove and uninstall/reinstall but nothing brings it up.

A. If you installed Microsoft Office 97 and used the Run from CD option, clip art is available only when the disk is in the CD-ROM drive. If you attempt to insert clip art into a program such as Microsoft WordPad, you will not be prompted to insert the Office 97 disk and no clip art will be available.

Q. On March 15, you recommended that a user hit F2 for a black screen problem on Windows 95 instead of F1. I tried both and nothing happens. The only way I can get rid of the black screen is to turn it off manually and restart, then it goes to the mode, which I have to tell it Normal or No. 1.

A. The full text of the question (which was edited for space) you refer to included a reference to a message the user was receiving instructing him to select either one of the keys specifically. Your case sounds different. You were not specific in when this occurs, so I can't tell if this is hardware or driver related. A good place to start would be to check your video drivers to make sure they are the latest version (check the vendor's Web site). Also try adjusting the video acceleration bar (right-click My Computer, then choose Properties, Performance, and the Graphics button). It is a good idea to start with the setting on the right (the Full setting) and move the slider one setting to the left until you find the setting that works best.

Q. When I use the scroll arrow while in America Online or in my real estate software, my computer freezes. Then I hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete and after a minute or two my mouse pointer shows up again. I have to close the programs dialog box and then I can resume. Sometimes it freezes again, and my computer restarts.

A. This also sounds like a video driver problem. Follow the instructions in the previous answer.

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