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Super Smash Brothers

Nintendo 64


© St. Petersburg Times, published June 7, 1999

Okay, Nintendo. What is going on here? Usually, you wouldn't allow your precious characters to be brutalized the way they are in Super Smash Brothers, so someone obviously put you up to it.

Normally, I would be the first to condone a fighting game in which you take out your aggression on cuddly little Pikachu or Kirby using Samus from Metroid or Link from Zelda. But in the case of Super Smash Brothers, I have to say: Stop the insanity!

The game play in Smash Brothers is mindless, allowing lucky players to bash their way through -- even on the hardest settings -- without breaking a sweat. Sure there is an art to applying the moves Smash Brothers provides, but when you can win with cheap shots who will bother learning? Yet there is room for skill, and the graphics are sumptuous. And for those reasons, this four-player party game isn't a total wash.

Grade: B

Metroid 2 Gameboy Color

Metroid 2 isn't a new game, unless you just bought a Gameboy Color and never experienced it on this platform. If so, you should buy this re-release.

Since Gameboy Color is backward compatible, it will take older players back to simpler times, when graphics were 2D and game play tested your will -- in a good way.

Return of Samus will introduce new players to the sci-fi-fest that is Metroid, involving a cannon-armed mercenary who can roll into a ball, spin in the air or blast a smorgasbord of bio-freaks into smithereens.

It is hard to believe that this game, with 8-bit graphics and tinny music, can still scare me, a game vet, but it does. I can't help it. There is something about blood-sucking jellyfish that strike a chord.

Grade: A+

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