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Wrong driver won't let CD-ROM autoplay work


© St. Petersburg Times, published June 7, 1999

Q. I built a 400 Mhz Pentium II system. The CD-ROM works fine, but autoplay does not work. It does not appear in device manager, but it does in system information. MSCDEX appears in MS-DOS drivers. It is connected as the secondary slave and the BIOS is Award version 4.51 9/28/98. How I can get the system to recognize the CD?

A. It sounds as if the CD-ROM drive is using real-mode drivers. A CD-ROM drive needs protected-mode drivers to work. Check your config.sys file to see if there are references to drivers for the CD-ROM. If there are, take them out (make a backup of config.sys first). Remove the corresponding reference in the autoexec.bat, which will be a line referring to MSCDEX. Then reboot. If the CD-ROM is not recognized by Windows, try again to add it through Device Manager.

A failure to load

Q. My computer boots up fine. But when I check the bootlog file, I have two items that do not load: MRCI.VXD and SDVXD.

A. These load failures do not necessarily mean there is a problem. It is common for some, if not all, of these not to load depending on your system configuration.

MRCI stands for Microsoft Real-Time Compression Interface. Unless you use DRVSPACE or Microsoft backup, it won't be on your system.

The second message has to do with Windows 95/98 automatically loading a miniature disk cache to increase the speed of the boot process. When the boot process is complete, the miniature disk cache is unloaded from memory. When it is unloaded "INITCOMPLETEFAILED=SDVXD" is added to the Bootlog file to indicate the cache has been removed from memory.

Eliminating favorites

Q. At start-up, the Compaq home page and Presario Help show up in my list of favorite Web sites. Regardless of how many times I delete them, they come back. How can I get rid of them permanently?

A. There may be something running at startup that puts these entries back in your favorites list. It can be done one of several ways. However, check with Compaq before removing or altering any of the programs found in these start-up areas. There are three places where programs can be set to open on start up:

The first and most obvious is the Startup folder (Start/Programs/Startup). To remove programs launched from Startup, right-click on the Start button, select Open, double-click Programs, then Startup and delete the shortcut to the application.

The next place to look is in the win.ini file. Look for the application on either the LOAD= or the RUN= line. Remove the reference to the application name, save the file and reboot.

The last place to look is in the System Registry. Before editing the Registry file, make a backup copy (Run RegEdit, then Registry, Export Registry File . . .). The following registry key contains the applications that open automatically at start up: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. Click the application to select it, and then from the menubar, Edit/Delete. Exit RegEdit and reboot.

Video driver troubles

A. This sounds like a video driver problem. Video drivers are programs that run at the operating system level and control your video adapter. You can try using the Windows Update feature of Windows 98: Click Start, then Windows Update. This will take you to the Windows 98 Update Web site. Click Device Drivers and see it if finds an update for your video adapter

You also can check manually by right-clicking on the desktop, choose Properties, then the Settings tab, click the Advanced button and then the Adapter tab. Make note of the Software Version and compare this to the latest version listed on the video adapter vendor's Web site.

If all else fails, adjust the Video Hardware Acceleration slide bar: Right-click My Computer, choose Properties, Performance, then click the Graphics button. It is a good idea to start with the setting on the right (the Full setting) and move the slider one setting to the left until you find the setting that works best.

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