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No computer required

As Austin Powers might say, "Yeah, baby!" This is a seriously nifty free e-mail service that might be mondo useful for the casual, domestic traveler. Imagine going on a trip and not having access to a PC. No problem. Dial an 800 number and MyTalk will read you your mail, as well as give you the option to record a short audio file in response. Heaven knows how it makes money, but it looks as if there will be advertising at some point.

A word a day

Goodness gracious! One moment you think there is no original content in the Tampa Bay area and before you know it, you get a couple of good sites dumped in your mailbox. The first from the top of the short stack was Writer's Home, an exceptionally good guide for would-be and professional wordsmiths. It is a good example of a site that concentrates on useful content and pays less attention to being slick.

So many films, so little time

Summer is upon us, which can mean only one thing: sweaty, sticky weather. Okay, two things: the sweat stuff, plus Hollywood making a half-hearted attempt at doing a decent movie or two. But which ones do you pick? You could rapidly drain your checking account and see them all or click over to locally produced Movies for Busy People, a sort of film Cliff's Notes for the chronologically challenged.

Leave the house?

If you're a tad more social or really do have some spare time, maybe getting out and seeing a real movie might be a good idea. I have been a longtime user of Moviefone, but then I stumbled on Film Frenzy. It is a similar service and obviously accesses the same databases. But it presents it in a clearer fashion. It has no frames, which is very nice, and has a less cluttered look. Less is more.

Web planning

On the upside, this is a fantastically useful site that allows disparate project team members to keep each other up to date on what they're doing. All for free. It will nag the slovenly via e-mail (of course, the slovenly would have an unkempt inbox and might not see the message; you might have to do some yelling via analog means). Here is hoping iTeamwork can keep the service in tip-top shape, unlike, which was offline for quite some time because of a "database error." Makes me glad my data was all on my PC and not on somebody else's.

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