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Win95 Power Toys trouble in Win98


© St. Petersburg Times, published July 12, 1999

Q. I have Windows 98. At startup I get a message "RUN DLL c:\windows\system\shellExt\target.dll. System can't find the file specified." I installed Win95 Power Toys before I found out that Win98 also had Power Toys on the CD-ROM. I deleted it and installed Win98 Power Toys. The message still came up on start.

A. This error message occurs if you are using the CD AutoPlay Extender tool included with Microsoft Windows 95 Power Toys. To remove the CD AutoPlay Extender tool from your computer:

1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Add/Remove Programs.

2. Click the Install/Uninstall tab.

3. In the list of installed programs, click AutoPlay Extender, click Add/Remove and then follow the instructions on your screen.

Deleting a temp file

Q. I have a file in the \windows\temp directory that I cannot delete, move or copy. The file is ladHide.dll, at 8,192 bytes. It has been in the folder for about a month and I have no idea how it got there. When I try to delete it, I get the message that this file is being used by Windows.

A. Try booting to DOS and renaming this file (rather than deleting). Next time you boot to Windows, you may get an error message of some type regarding this file. This may give you a clue as to what application requires this file. Check your Startup folder for the application and delete the shortcut. Other places to look for programs that start automatically are the LOAD= or RUN= lines in the win.ini, autoexec.bat and the registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. The best (and safest) way to remove an application is through the Control Panel Add/Remove programs, assuming that it is listed there.

Lost in america.exe

Q. When I download from America Online and then try to open the item, I receive the message "cannot find america.exe." I assume it is a reader program, but I cannot locate it in Windows 98, AOL or Adobe. What is the source of america.exe?

A. America.exe was a program that was part of older versions of AOL. You may have upgraded to a newer version recently. To try to solve this problem, go to and download the latest version of its free RealPlayer and choose "complete" service. If this doesn't work, you will need to modify the file opening associations in the "registered file types" list in Windows. To do this: From Windows Explorer select View, Options, File Types tab, find the file type that you are trying to open and change the association to an appropriate program (not America.exe).

Q. I would like to run ScanDisk, but I get a message saying it has "restarted 10 times. Closing windows or other programs may enable ScanDisk to continue." I have nothing open and I disabled my virus scan but still have problems. Could something be running that I am not aware of? I run the defrag program and it will run forever saying 0 percent defragged.

A. This is a known problem if Hewlett-Packard ScanJet Button Manager is running in the background. If this is the case, you will need to quit ScanJet Button Manager before you run ScanDisk or Disk Defragmenter. To quit ScanJet Button Manager, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to open the Close Program dialog box, click "Hpsjbmgr" in the list of running programs and then click End Task. This can also occur if a handheld PC or palm-size PC is connected to the desktop computer. If this is the case, then the solution would be to disconnect it when running ScanDisk or defrag. I also would disable any screen savers during defrag. If you still experience problems, close all known running programs. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to open the Close Program dialog box. The only program that should be running is Explorer.exe. Anything else may be interfering with ScanDisk.

Too much cleaning

Q. I have a Canon MultiPASS C2500 printer-fax-copier. I do not print much but when I do, I must hit clean as many as eight times to get it to print and then I get only half a copy so I clean some more. Out of a $38 ink cartridge I might get 15 printed pages.

A. Go to and download the latest drivers for your printer. Also make sure you have an IEEE 1284 compliant printer cable. If you still experience problems, it may be a mechanical defect. Call Canon technical help at (757) 413-2848.

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