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Successful? Overweight? Read on...


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Successful? Overweight? Read on...

My Personal Trainer (otherwise known as She Who Must Be Obeyed) informs me that my sedentary lifestyle will be directly responsible for my early demise. Being that I am fairly early on in this whole living thing -- teenagers at rock concerts disagree -- I would like to keep a quality version of life up and running as long as possible. And it seems I am not alone: Former Autodesk chairman John Walker has also suffered from extra girth during long bouts of sitting on his behind. Goes with the turf, I would say. Jokes aside, if you are desk-bound for a large part of the day, give this site a spin. It has oodles of good information on fighting the flab and, most important, getting your muscles moving and oxygen into your body.


It is shocking that these medium- to high-bandwidth Shockwave toys are so well put together. So many sites abuse Shockwave and give the binary visual fluff software such a bad name. Not here, though, with CyberWidgets' offerings. I personally adore the Nic Fit, a smoking simulator that claims none of the odor or cost yet all of the visual and tactile effects. Having never been a smoker, I now have a virtual 20-a-day habit. A tip of the tam-o'-shanter to Tech Times reader John Darling for altering our squadron of Web crawlers to the existence of this one. Naturally this requires the Shockwave plug-in, which is available for PCs, Macs and various flavors of Unix.

Will it ever happen?

Ever see an episode of the Jetsons? Of course you have. I think if this futurama stuff of the '50s is to be taken at all seriously, we should be flying to work instead of driving. Well, your chums who invented Java think that a Java-powered car is in your future. Call me old-fashioned, but I think that gunning almost a ton of metal and plastic at very high speeds requires your undivided attention. But if it must be, I will take Java over Windows CE any day.

Click here or the puppies get it

Ah, what could be more adorable than cute, little puppies? Short of smaller, fuzzy little fat things, nothing really. My gut reaction to this site was most uncharitable. And, after some careful examination, I think my gut reaction was right. After all, you can't adopt a puppy online and have it shipped to your house (though it says it helps raise money for shelters). Parents of sub-10-year-old children shall rejoice. So, short of a trip down to the pound, why bother? My opinion says it is virtual tugging at your heart strings and adoption for the wrong reasons. Bah.

Okay, so I'm a sucker

I couldn't help myself. Past columns have scorned those cashing in on Y2K fever. But this blatant, commercial attempt to part you from your beer tokens made me chuckle. Here you will find '50s-era sci-fi spoof posters of the impending Year 2000 disaster. Don't fret. In the last Tech Times of the year, I am going to publish my home address and you are invited to my house for tea and Internet access on Jan. 1. I have a big generator in my loft, you know.

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