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I wish I had thought of this
If not the find of the month, it is the find of the quarter. It is a brilliant twist on the free greeting card concept, except it allows you to plan a meeting online and invite a whole bunch of people. It then acts as a coordination center for you, the planner, telling you who has agreed, who has declined and who are the definite maybes. Nifty plusses are maps to your event and faxes for those managing to get by without the aid of e-mail (providing these individuals have electricity and a fax machine, of course). There are templates for movies, dinner, meetings, online events and happy hours, so it is perfect for both business and recreational use.

They missed the nifty part!
Yeah, yeah, the iBook is nice and everything, but the media really missed the best bit of all: the Apple AirPort, that sexy little gizmo that allows multiple computers in your house to share a phone line or cable modem and access the Net -- sans wires. It is a technology lovefest between Lucent and Apple. Of course, it works with the iBook but it also works with other PCs. So while you could shell out 1,600 clams for an iBook and not get an AirPort, you also could spend the same money on a PC notebook or an older Apple model, buy the AirPort and still have enough change left over for a decent dinner. Maybe.

Bad hair day?
If you feel like an oaf sitting on the chair where you get your locks trimmed, delicately sipping your espresso and cluelessly thumbing through the oh-so-perfect hairstyle book, this site is right up your alley. It has taken those arty books and Webified them. There is a "printer friendly" view of each style, which might be better than trying to remember a 'do and then trying to describe it to your stylist. Of course, if you get your hair cut where I do, you will be dodging heavyset gentlemen coming in to get bandaged up. Those hospitals always ask such pesky questions.

A cartoon 'cyclopedia
Not being one of those sporting types, I have always smirked at those who could rattle off baseball stats and other number-laden trivia. I was equally amused at a Devil Rays game recently by the sheer number of people who couldn't remember where they parked their cars. But I am easily amused, of course. So it is not without an upturned mouth that I present this one for your clicking pleasure. It is an alphabetical listing of phrases, references and characters that have appeared in classic Warner Bros. cartoons. If you or your kid has wondered aloud at who Marvin the Martian might be, or why Bugs Bunny has a tendency to dress in women's clothing, you might get a bang out of this one.

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