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Here is a delicious eye-pleaser that has some interesting content to boot. Mappa mundi is a reference to the works of ancient religious types and the maps they constructed -- not just geography, but areas of myth and spirituality. This isn't your average e-zine, as the essays give your mind a good workout. Either that or you will nod off and get a good night's sleep.

Get connected

Last year's great buzzword, before portal was on every business type's lips, was intranet, the great internal communicator of communicators. When they are done right, intranets revolutionize information sharing between company departments and teams. But they traditionally have been very expensive to build as no two companies are alike. So the brave is taking the one-size-fits-all approach, which could work if you're cash starved or just a very small company.

Thanks for the memory

There is a wonderful wave of nostalgia splashing over some of the big software companies and they are freeing up their old, old products and giving them away. Some are useless in today's high-powered computing environments, but others have some valuable uses, if only as a teaching tool. It is great for educators on tight budgets, and great for youthful programmers who wouldn't know a text-based program if it bit them.

Yesterday's interfaces

Talking of programs from yesterday, here is a wonderful collection of screen shots and descriptions of user interfaces that helped shape the way you use your computer today. Particularly interesting is how Microsoft's Windows morphed from the horrible version 2 to the almost usable version 3. Looking at the early Apple interfaces gives you a clear idea of which bits made it into the Mac. It also is interesting to see how little the basic concepts of the mouse, windows and pull-down menus have changed after 20 years.

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