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One thing you can say about Square Soft fighting games: They're certainly unconventional. Usually you wouldn't be able to pull out a handgun in midbrawl. But in Ehrgeiz, the more fire power you have in your back pocket, the better.

Ehrgeiz gives players the choice of being, among others, a wrestler, a special forces man and a yo-yo-slinging cop. There are even guest stars such as Cloud from Final Fantasy VII.

Ehrgeiz takes traditional fighting and spices it up with some long-range and remote weapons. Now you can lay a mine and then knock your opponent on top of it.

While this creates a new realm of strategy, it is too easy to unload on your opponent with the heavy artillery. On the other hand, characters' physical moves are difficult to pull off and are not that special when you are able to do them.

Still, Ehrgeiz has lots of extras, such as entertaining mini-games and a role-playing quest mode. Yet those features can't separate Ehrgeiz from a plentiful crowd of beat-'em-ups.

Grade: B-

PokeMon Snap System: Nintendo 64

For those of us feeling left behind in the PokeMon craze -- my younger cousins know all 150 PokeMon by heart -- PokeMon Snap is a fun way to catch up on pop culture.

Of course, fans of PokeMon will love this game. Owning PokeMon Snap is like having your own PokeMon zoo, where you are free to ride around, snapping pictures. Call it Jurassic-Mon Park.

Shots are judged on the size of the PokeMon, the number of PokeMon in the picture, and whether you caught them in any special poses. For instance, capture Pikachu creating his lightning attack and you get a bonus.

PokeMon Snap is not fast-paced. It is like a leisurely vacation. It should sit well with parents and older players, who may discover a penchant for photography, and finally may be able to talk about PokeMon with the experts -- kids.

Grade: A

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