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Resurrecting a balky screen saver

Q. My screen saver will not come on. I used to fix it by changing settings, but now nothing brings the screen saver back.


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Q. My screen saver will not come on. I used to fix it by changing settings, but now nothing brings the screen saver back.

A. Several things can cause this problem: It could be a stuck key, a menu (such as the Start menu) is active, a "system modal" dialog box is active (a window requiring input), an active MS-DOS-based program for which the "Allow Screen Saver" property has been disabled. Check to see which programs are running by typing Ctrl-Alt-Delete to bring up the task manager. Explorer and Systray always are running; anything else running may have something to do with your problem. This problem also can occur if Microsoft Outlook Express is configured to automatically check for messages in a period of time shorter than the period in which the screen saver is configured to start.

Restoring the logon box

Q. I want the Windows logon box back.

A. First check the following setting in Control Panel: double-click Passwords. On the User Profiles tab, make sure the "All users of this PC use the same preferences and desktop" is not selected. If it is, change it and reboot. If this setting was in effect, delete all files in the Windows directory with a .pwl extension. First do a "dir *.pwl" to see which files qualify, then repeat the command using "del" instead of "dir." The next time you start Windows, you will have the Windows logon box.

A purchase-friendly Explorer

Q. When I try to purchase something on the Internet a window opens that says "Internet Explorer cannot open site. An error occurred in the secure channel support."

A. According to Microsoft, this error message can occur if the PCT (Private Communications Technology) 1.0, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 2.0 or SSL 3.0 security checkbox is not selected.

To correct this problem, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Internet.

2.. Click the Advanced tab.

3. Under Security, click one of the following checkboxes to select it:

* PCT 1.0

* SSL 2.0

* SSL 3.0

4. Click OK.

Temperamental modem

A. Noisy phone lines, electrical interference from house appliances, faulty contacts on the phone jacks, call waiting not being turned off (you can turn off call waiting by preceding the phone number with "*70,') and too high of a sustainable baud rate are some of the possibilities that could be causing your problem. Turning off your modem's error correction can sometimes help if your computer is connected to a noisy telephone line. Also make sure that hardware handshaking is turned on. To do this, look under: Control Panel, Modems, Connection tab, Advanced button, within the Flow Control options. You also can call the phone company and ask that it test your phone line for its data quality.

Uninstalling a program

Q. When I boot my computer, it goes through the system check, then stops. I have to type F1 to resume or F2 to go into setup. How do I fix that? Second, I would like to remove a program from my computer, but I cannot find an uninstall program.

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