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Do try this at home

Artists truly excel when they have a limitation or two to overcome. Time, money and difficulty in mastering the medium of choice seem to be a catalyst for creating wonderful things. In my humble opinion, stop motion animation is up there with nailing Jell-O to the ceiling: It is so easy to get wrong, it is a wonder anybody does it at all. If you are remotely interested in this art, swing by industry professional Anthony Scott's site.

What's your sign, baby?

I once interviewed for a job where they put me through a battery of personality tests. Convinced that there was no way I would work for a company that would subject its most valuable resource -- its employees -- to this mumbo-jumbo kind of abuse, I tried to answer every question as dishonestly as possible. Of course, it offered me the gig claiming I was "just what they were looking for.'" If you enjoy this kind of psych thing, click over to and see who your Star Wars twin might be. I think horoscopes are more accurate.

Five, seven, five

How can this be so? One-hundred-trillion haiku?

Actually, more. Deep trivia

This is an addictive, free movie trivia game. I thought I was good, with my puny score of 270, until I entered the Hall Of Fame and found people with close to 5,000 points. There are geekier people than me on the planet, so this wasn't a complete waste of time.

Roll your own Pilot books

The technology industry has been trying to make us give up paper for the longest time, just as the telecommunications industry has promised video phones since the '50s. Reading a book on a Palm Pilot doesn't appear to be a good idea of visual fun either. But in certain cases, where space is at a premium or you have some reference material you need to tote around on your hip, Peanut Press' free Java-powered, roll-your-own-book utility deserves investigation. If you are into reading large books on your Pilot, Peanut sells both fiction and non-fiction on its site. There are a couple of freebies to see if you enjoy the experience.

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