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Dreamcast sneak peek

By ROBB GUIDO, Times Correspondent

© St. Petersburg Times, published September 13, 1999

For Dreamcast owners and would-be owners, its game selection goes beyond the usual Sonic and NFL 2K. Here is a quick look at some of the Dreamcast's best launch titles:

* Sonic Adventure: Okay, Okay, there is no better game to demonstrate the Dreamcast's power as well as Sega's renewed emphasis on fun than Sonic. It is fast, non-linear and a treat to look at. This game should be numero uno on everyone's list. Grade: A+

* Soul Calibur: One glimpse of this 3D fighter and you will be drooling. It looks like candy and plays even better, with all kinds of wild and pointy weapons, as well as fast, easy-to-pick-up play mechanics. Grade: A+

* NFL 2K: This is, bar none, the best sports game created. Besides the most real-life graphics of any football simulator, Sega introduces the concept of fragmented hit detection to complement its realistic physics. This means players respond to hits the way they are supposed to. Grade: A

* Blue Stinger: If you like games with great graphics, a cinematic feel and plenty to do and shoot at, then you will love Blue Stinger. Watch out for the mature language, to go with its sci-fi theme. Grade: A.

* Hydro Thunder: This watercraft racer is not to be missed. Tons of jumps, speed boosts and courses make this as fun as 10 America's Cups. Grade: A

* Trick Style: Futuristic hover-boarding with top-notch graphics. Of course it lives up to its name with loads of ground-defying stunts. Grade: A-

* Power Stone: The party fighter of the millennium has arrived. Power Stone will knock you off your couch with its hair-raising pace and super fusion moves. Collect stones, pick up objects and run anywhere. It is all about freedom. Grade: A-

* Ready 2 Rumble: Boxing action comes home looking shinier than ever. Sure, you can use your fighter to brutalize a palette of unique opponents. But the ability to train your own bruiser gives it a little depth too. Grade: A-

* House of the Dead 2: Grab your light gun (sold separately) and go to town in this zombie-zapping blastfest. Avoid gunning down humans and you may unlock a secret pathway. Grade: B+

* Street Fighter Alpha 3: The definitive Street Fighter game. It has all the fighters and fighting styles, and perfectly replicates the arcade version in terms of graphics. Grade: B

* Marvel vs. Capcom: This is Street Fighter on speed. A frantic fighter full of special moves and double teaming, it is for hard-core lovers of the genre. Grade: B-

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