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Fixing registry errors in Word


© St. Petersburg Times, published September 13, 1999

Q. Windows 98 locked up my computer, and I was forced to use the emergency reboot disk. Whenever I run Word (Office 97), I get two errors: "Unable to change to required directory. Error opening registry key." And: "Microsoft Visual Basic. Unexpected Error (32811)." With the second problem, I cannot run Microsoft Access.

A. You may have overlaid some registry entries. The simplest solution would be to reinstall Office 97.

Too many icons

Q. When I open the Windows 98 desktop, I see 54 icons instead of the 10 I used to have. I don't want to delete any because they may adversely affect some of the programs.

A. It sounds as if a self-extracting program may have unloaded onto your desktop. If you are not sure if you can delete the icons, right-click on your desktop and choose New, Folder. Accept the New Folder default name or rename it if you wish. Drag each of the offending icons to this folder. This will unclutter your desktop while you investigate what the icons are and where they came from.

Screen saver troubles

Q. I downloaded a screen saver from the Philadelphia Phillies' Web page, and it sometimes freezes on me or doesn't come on.

A. This may be an incompatibility with the screen saver program and your video adapter drivers. Make sure you have the latest version of the video adapter drivers (check the vendor's Web site). You also can adjust the Video Hardware Acceleration slide bar (right-click My Computer, choose Properties, Performance, then click the Graphics button). It is a good idea to start with the setting on the right (the Full setting) and move the slider one setting to the left until you find the setting that works best. As a last resort, you may want to consider switching to a Yankees screen saver.

Trouble at start-up

Q. When I boot my computer, it goes through the system check, then stops. I have to type F1 to resume or F2 to go into setup. How do I fix that?

A. Try hitting the F2 key, enter the CMOS setup program and select the option to "Save and Reboot." If the problem persists, it may indicate a bad CMOS battery.

Too many fonts

Q. I followed the directions in your Aug. 30 column, but found no TrueType button. Do you have any other remedies for reducing the number of fonts?

A. The answer applied to Windows 3.1. However, versions of Microsoft Works for Windows 9x have a 510 font per document limit. To delete fonts in Windows 95 or 98, simply go to Control Panel, click Fonts and then right-click the fonts you want to eliminate and choose Delete.

Taking out the cache

Q. How can I safely and easily delete the megabytes of temporary Internet files that are clogging my computer without having to look at Properties for each item?

A. The easiest way to do this is through the Internet Explorer menu bar: Choose Tools, then Internet Options. Click the Delete Files button. This will delete the temporary Internet files. The Settings button (next to the Delete button) will allow you to specify how much disk space you want to use for storing temporary Internet files (the lowest you can specify is 1 megabyte). Keep in mind that this cache makes your Internet browsing faster, so don't set it too low.

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