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Oct. 20, 2002
A veteran retreat
Census numbers reveal large numbers of veterans, especially World War II veterans, are making Pasco County their home.

Oct. 6, 2002
No one to dance with
One of the state's highest marriage rates, almost 62 percent, makes single life in Hernando tough.

Oct. 4, 2002
Meeting their match, here and there
Census figures show several South Tampa communities rank among the top places to find eligible mates with education and income.

Sept. 22, 2002
Bicounty commuters: live here, work there
More Pasco workers leave the county to go to work than those in any other bay area county, and that has a price.

The long way home
It's getting longer. Workers' commutes now average more than 29 minutes each way in Hernando County.

Census points out where the money is
Age and income statistics paint an interesting portrait of our county. Some of them might surprise you.

June 23, 2002
Tiny tony town no longer rates a zero
The 2000 Census didn't recognize Belleair Shore. Now the feds have, though not quite accurately.

June 2, 2002
Census: One in 10 children are disabled
According to the county's 2000 Census estimates, 10.1 percent of all children between 5 and 20 years old had some kind of disability.
Tierra Verde has highest percentage of wealthy folks
Nearly 20 percent of the households there earn $150,000 a year or more. But that wasn't the only well-off spot.

Census shows a wealthier north county
North Pinellas is attracting wealthier and better-educated residents, according to recent numbers from the U.S. Census.

Livin' large
Millionaires. Lots of them, the census shows. They're rapidly transforming the fishing village of Bonita Springs into a playground of the rich.

May 31, 2002
State's vet population growing, evolving
SPRING HILL -- If you're looking for a 75-cent draft and an embellished war story, the good men and women of Hernando County's VFW Post 10209 have you covered.

May 28, 2002
Fewer in Tarpon claim Greek ancestry
The 2000 census figures say the number of Greeks in the city has dropped some. But residents say the numbers don't tell the whole story.

May 24, 2002 [ Demographic Profiles]
Census illustrates disparities
Florida residents are wealthier and better educated compared to a decade ago, but the state's poverty level has remained virtually unchanged.
Citrus: Census shows veterans like life in Citrus County

Veterans make up 24.3 percent of the county's population. In Florida, only Okaloosa County's percentage is higher.
Hernando: Homes 'R Us
No county had a higher percentage of home ownership in the state than Hernando: 86.5 percent, tied with Sumter.
Pasco: County's wealth moves to the east
The 2000 Census shows population and income growth in central Pasco with the whole county getting younger in the 1990s.
Hillsborough: 35.1 years young
Newly released census data bears out the county's history. It is the 12th youngest among the state's 67 counties.

May 23, 2002
Demographic Profiles released
Curious about your county or city? Click above for links to Adobe Acrobat reports on 2000 numbers for all Florida counties and many cities and towns.

Oct. 14, 2001
Growing younger and older
CLEARWATER -- They came for the water, the beaches, the sun.

Aug. 6, 2001
Getting to work takes longer

State transportation planners say the commute increase of 2 1/2 minutes reflects infrastructure problems.

July 25, 2001

More over 65 are living with non-relatives
A growing number of senior citizens are choosing companionship outside marriage, the census shows.

County tops in homeownership
Census figures show the county has state's highest rate of ownership, but finding a rental unit remains a challenge.

Looks like marriage, but lacks the 'I do'
In Hillsborough County, the number of unmarried families increased 73 percent in the past decade.

Citrus ownership stays high
The county ranks fifth in the state in home ownership, a stat that matches its semi-rural lifestyle, officials say.

Ownership increases along with population
An already high rate grows to 82 percent, 10th statewide and well above the state and national averages, as Pasco urbanizes.

Face of home ownership is changing
Minority home ownership shot up in Hillsborough County by 79 percent in the past decade, according to census data. Many were first-time buyers.

In past decade, more of us owned homes
Home ownership rates in almost all Tampa Bay counties have surged since 1990 -- a key sign of prosperity. But gains were tougher for minorities.

July 15, 2001

Aging, alone & in need
With loved ones long gone and money sometimes tight, an ever-growing elderly population discovers help is hard to find.

July 5, 2001
Census numbers shear city income
While San Antonio disputes its loss of residents, commissioners talk of raising taxes.

June 24, 2001
Retirees come together to create pockets of loneliness

Census figures show 13 places in the state where one-resident households are in the majority.

June 11, 2001

Boom in youth will ripple onto roads
Median ages in west Pasco are dropping, the census shows, and the younger the residents are, the more they drive.

June 3, 2001

What's new in Liberty County? Very little
BRISTOL -- With 7,021 residents, Liberty edged out Lafayette by just one person to claim the title of the state's least populated county.

May 28, 2001

Unlike the county, face of city gets a bit younger
While most other North Pinellas communities aged, Clearwater got slightly younger in the past 10 years, the census shows.

May 27, 2001

Areas growing in opposite directions
Both communities are retirement havens, but in one, the median age is going down, while in the other, it is rising.

Census depicts a graying North Pinellas
Many areas saw a rise in their median age along with a growth in overall population, a report shows.

May 23, 2001

Numbers prove it: Florida getting older
Despite a large increase of children in the state, growing numbers of retirees and Baby Boomers raise Florida's median age.

Pinellas grows a tad older, census shows
The county's median age has risen to 43, compared to 42.1 in 1990. Still, a dozen communities got younger.

County's Hispanic population changes
The census reveals Puerto Ricans are Hillsborough's largest Hispanic group, then Mexicans, then Cubans.

Population of elderly is growing and aging
At 52.6 years, Citrus County has the state's second highest median age. With slower growth among the younger set, the older ranks continue growing.

Hispanics, Asians put new face on county
Both minority groups more than doubled their population in the past 10 years.

Pasco population is getting younger
The median age dropped to 44.9 years in 2000, down from 47.9 years in 1990. Under-18 households grew 63 percent.

May 13, 2001

A kaleidoscope of faces
For years the story of the Tampa Bay area's rapid-fire growth traced back to the Midwest, where shivering retirees decided to flock south.

Hispanic influx in Clearwater broadens vocabulary of foods
CLEARWATER -- Nahun Martinez left Mexico 11 years ago and spent his days sweltering in the searing heat of North Carolina's tobacco fields.

Loss of black residents puzzles Tarpon Springs neighborhood
TARPON SPRINGS -- Born and raised in Tarpon Springs, Alfreda Ingram was ready to anchor there as a homeowner in 1997.

Racial ebb and flow tosses Tampa's Tract 2
A neighborhood gains blacks and Hispanics. It also becomes poorer. With poverty, comes a spiral of crime, home sales, then renovation.

April 30, 2001

Police strive to recruit bilingual officers
As the census shows increased numbers of minorities, law enforcement agencies try to reflect that diversity.

April 23, 2001

Citrus County
Despite growth, Citrus remains diversity desert
Known for manatees and retirees, Citrus County is the state's least racially diverse, census figures show.

April 22, 2001

Pinellas County
Welcome to Belleair Shore. Population: 0
Residents of the small town are surprised to learn that, according to the 2000 census, they don't exist.

April 21, 2001

Hillsborough County
Some area losses buck the trends
The new growth map of Hillsborough County shows a consistent, nearly unanimous, pattern across the northwest edge: growth indeed.
Map: Amid Hillsborough's growth, some stagnation

April 20, 2001

Hillsborough County
Some doubt population decrease
In an area that experienced a 45 percent population increase, seven census tracts apparently bucked the trend.

April 15, 2001

Collier County
Boom and bust
The affluent are drawn to a promised life of luxury. But the area has cracked under pressure of growing too fast.

April 11, 2001

Population count seems low to city
With Largo's annexations, officials think growth should have been more than 5.6 percent. They may seek a recount.

April 9, 2001

Asian concentration upward bound
St. Petersburg's Asian population increases almost 70 percent for the state's largest urban concentration.

Baby boom echoes throughout county
The northeast section of the county is leading the way in growth of residents under 18, which means new schools, libraries and parks.

April 8, 2001

Pinellas makes room for its baby boom
The county as a whole is getting younger, census figures show, and that means new schools, libraries and parks.

Schools face surge in poverty
In traditionally middle class West Pasco, schools struggle to help more low-income students and their families.

Five counties buck state trend, show declining number of kids
Where have all the young folks gone in the North Florida counties? Gone to jobs elsewhere, officials say.

April 4, 2001

Beach towns younger but still very white
One real estate agent speculates that the high cost of living may be keeping minorities away from the beaches.

April 3, 2001

Northern rural region rapidly became suburbs
The north woodlands quickly gave way to residences and two-fifths of the county's growth.

U.S. underwent a population boom in the '90s
The decade's growth was notable for its size (32.7-million) and scope (all 50 states grew).

April 2, 2001
The fastest four
OXFORD -- Along County Road 466 in Sumter County, where armies of purple wildflowers straddle the asphalt and brighten the view, it is possible to see the past and the future all at once.

April 1, 2001

Beverly Hills grows younger
Of Citrus' 18 census tracts, the one that includes Beverly Hills had the greatest increase -- 205 percent -- in the number of people age 17 and younger.

Population surge washes over eastern Pinellas
As the coastal communities become built-out, more people settle in the heart of the county.

Challenge zone sees population shrinking
Traditional black neighborhoods lose residents as the city's African-American numbers rise overall.

County's population blooming
Residents say they are drawn to the area's beauty. And more people means more businesses, officials say.

Census surprise: City is shrinking
Officials are trying to find out why figures show Brooksville's population is declining -- and what effect it will have on the city.

We lead Tampa growth
More than half of Tampa's growth occurred in New Tampa. Hillsborough's fastest growth occurred along the Pinellas and Pasco county lines.
Graphic: A change of character

Census facts
Fun facts
Belleair Beach
Graphic: Town populations

March 31, 2001

State getting younger, census says
The growth could tax school systems and lawmakers trying to allocate funds.

Beach towns younger, not more racially diverse
One real estate agent speculates that the high cost of living may be keeping minorities away from the beaches.

Population squeezes judicial system
As Pasco's population has risen in the past decade, so has the number of court cases. A proposed $30-million courthouse could ease the crowding.

March 30, 2001

North Suncoast
Jan Glidewell: Census loss is actually a winning proposition

North Pinellas spurs county's growth
Palm Harbor, East Lake, Tarpon Springs and Oldsmar account for almost half of the county's population increase of 69,823 people.

March 29, 2001

Census highlights Hispanic diversity
The 1-million jump in Hispanics in 10 years represents people of varied national origins.

Hispanic voter clout on horizon
In the next generations, minority voters, especially Hispanics, will become increasingly important to Florida's political parties.

Population bulge hits Citrus midsection
The 1990s brought a 26 percent increase, but the growth was not evenly spread.

Census numbers don't surprise Hernando schools
District officials are already trying to build more schools and accommodate a growing number of Hispanic students.

North Pinellas spurs county's growth
Palm Harbor, East Lake, Tarpon Springs and Oldsmar account for almost half of the county's population increase of 69,823 people.

Gain may elevate Pasco's political profile
Pasco's population increase could translate into the county becoming a majority district for the state Senate.

Hillsborough less racially segregated
The shift in the African- American population was in part due to a soaring economy and demolition of public housing.

Census data show diminished color lines
Hillsborough County communities are becoming more racially integrated.

March 28, 2001

Hispanic boom fuels state growth
Census numbers reveal statewide growth and a shift of political power from the Panhandle to the southeast.

Hispanics now Florida's largest minority group
Alvaro Perez came to Florida three years ago, so determined to learn English that he spent more than $1,000 on a set of instructional videos.

Method simplifies race data
To compare this census with the last, 63 race categories are telescoped down to five.

Hispanics, retirees add to growth
Because many Floridians hail from other states, they may be interested in census numbers from back home. Data from two larger states -- California and Michigan -- and from the District of Columbia have not been released. Following is a short synopsis on growth and race from several states.

Pinellas grew, in diversity too
It added 69,823 more folks, or 8 percent. But its African-American, Asian and Hispanic populations soared during the 1990s.

Flourishing Hillsborough is fourth largest county
TAMPA -- Hillsborough County fell an eyelash short of officially becoming Tampa Bay's first million-person county last April 1, according to population totals released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Tuesday.

County population grows 26 percent in a decade
The Hispanic population in Citrus increased by nearly 85 percent to 3,141 between 1990 and 2000. That's 2.6 percent of the county's total, the census shows.

Census shows slower growth
Unable to sustain the rate of growth seen in the 1980s, Hernando's population still increased 29.4 percent.

Pasco: 1990 -- 281,131; 2000 -- 344,765
Pasco's 23 percent population increase between 1990 and 2000 runs close to Florida's 24 percent growth rate.

County's growth near state average
A repeat of a boom more than 20 years ago in Pasco is predicted in the next decade especially between the Suncoast Parkway and U.S. 41.

Small Pasco towns lose ground in census
Something has to be wrong with the official count, say officials in Saint Leo and San Antonio.

Hispanics account for much of census jump
The population of Dade City increased about 10 percent. The Hispanic population countywide grew by 111 percent.

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