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Church scandal
  Dec. 12, 2003
St. Petersburg bishop puts price on sex abuse claims
St. Petersburg's diocese has spent more than $1-million to settle sex abuse claims. Bishop Robert Lynch apologizes and offers details.

Sept. 10, 2003
Sex abuse costs church $85-million
Victims feel vindicated by the Boston settlement - the largest yet in the priest scandal.

Sept. 3, 2003
Accused of abuse, priest is on leave
The Rev. Timothy Kelley voluntarily steps aside after a former altar boy says he was molested in 1983.

July 31, 2003
Like new archbishop, ceremony humble
BOSTON - Sean Patrick O'Malley begged forgiveness from the victims of clergy sexual abuse Wednesday as he was installed as the new Roman Catholic archbishop of Boston and promised a new start for a community fractured by scandal.

July 24, 2003
Report: Boston priests may have molested over 1,000
BOSTON - An in-depth examination of sexual abuse in the Boston Archdiocese found that Roman Catholic priests and other workers probably molested more than 1,000 people over six decades. The Massachusetts attorney general called the figures "staggering" Wednesday as he issued a report with the findings.

June 3, 2003
Bishop admits abuse coverup
PHOENIX - The Roman Catholic bishop of Phoenix has relinquished some of his authority in an unprecedented agreement with prosecutors that will spare him from indictment on charges of protecting child-molesting priests.

May 30, 2003
Clerical sex abuse study stalled by lawsuit fears
Several Roman Catholic dioceses have delayed responding to the most extensive survey yet on priests who molested children until U.S. bishops can discuss concerns that some questions are unfair and that the data could be used in lawsuits against the church.

May 23, 2003
Diocese settles 61 sex abuse claims
BOSTON - The Diocese of Manchester, N.H., announced a $6.5-million settlement Thursday that resolves most of the sexual abuse cases pending against the Roman Catholic Church in New Hampshire.

Feb. 28, 2003
Ex-priest accused of abuse in California
A priest who worked 25 years in the Oakland Diocese is charged with molesting two altar boys in the 1970s and '80s.

Feb. 27, 2003
Pope permits lay people on abuse tribunals
Pope John Paul II approved changes in Vatican policy that will expedite dismissal of some clergy accused of sex abuse and give lay people a greater role at the church trials of alleged molesters, a Vatican official said Wednesday.

Feb. 8, 2003
Priest, 80, suspended over '50s sex charges
PALM BEACH GARDENS -- The Diocese of Palm Beach suspended an 80-year-old priest this week, decades after the Boston Archdiocese learned of allegations that he had sex with teenage girls.

Jan. 9, 2003
Victims of priest abuse find a calming ally
The counselor makes no apologies for the coverups of Catholic officials. Her duty is to help people heal.

Dec. 30, 2002
Catholic giving wavers slightly
The growing diocese was buffeted by a year of bad publicity and a sour economy.

Dec. 18, 2002
Personnel files reveal more allegations of priest sex abuse
BOSTON -- A priest who admitted molesting teenage boys while they slept was advised by a church review board in the 1990s to put an apology in his personnel file for use in case more victims came forward.

Dec. 14, 2002
Troubles remain after Law's resignation
BOSTON -- Cardinal Bernard Law said he hoped his resignation would bring 'healing, reconciliation and unity' to the Boston Archdiocese, after an agonizing year of revelations of sexual abuse by priests and failures by the church to confront the problem.

Dec. 4, 2002
Papers tell of Boston abuse, coverups
BOSTON -- For more than 40 years, Catholic Church officials here overlooked abuse ranging from the molestation of girls studying to become nuns to drug use by priests with parish youth to homosexual rape, according to thousands of pages of confidential archdiocese documents made public Tuesday.

Official says cleric covered up sex abuse
PHOENIX -- Phoenix Bishop Thomas O'Brien once advised the family of a teenage boy who allegedly was sexually abused by a priest in 1979 and 1980 not to contact authorities, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

Dec. 1, 2002
A path of abuse crosses church lines
Brothers, both former altar boys, say they were shared by Catholic and Episcopal priests and an Episcopal seminarian.

Nov. 23, 2002
Priest now charged with abuse in Pasco
Robert Schaeufele has been accused of molesting a boy over a four-year period while he served at St. Rita's Catholic Church.

Nov. 16, 2002
Priest sex abuse talks draw few
Only about 100 show for three discussion sessions offered by the Diocese of St. Petersburg.

Aug. 18, 2002
Suit alleges priest harassed staffer
GULFPORT -- A man has filed a civil suit against the Diocese of St. Petersburg and the Most Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School in Gulfport, alleging that he was sexually harassed by a priest and then forced to resign from his job at the school.

Aug. 16, 2002
Franciscan brother is charged with assault on four altar boys

The retired Franciscan brother, 75, is accused of sexually assaulting the altar boys in Boston from 1968 to 1973.

Aug. 10, 2002
Judge: Priest can't keep talks secret
The ruling focuses on the Rev. Robert Schaeufele's discussions with church officials after he was accused of abuse.

Accuser requests no bail for ex-priest
A day after police charged former Episcopal priest Richard A. Pollard with molesting a boy more than 25 years ago, the man who accused him of that abuse appeared in court to make sure Pollard stays behind bars.

Aug. 9, 2002
Synod called off over scandal
The yearlong series of meetings was to address the church's future. Now the focus is on the present.

Ex-Episcopal priest faces sex charges
The 73-year-old is arrested after his accuser, now an adult, confronts him while wearing a wire.

Aug. 3, 2002
Deal with abuse victims wasn't final, cardinal says
BOSTON -- In his first public court appearance since the sexual abuse scandal erupted here in January, Cardinal Bernard Law insisted Friday that an announced multimillion-dollar settlement with dozens of alleged victims was never final.

Priest, now dead, accused in scandal
St. Petersburg diocese officials cite accusations by "several individuals" against the Rev. Hubert John Reason, who died in 1984. He served four churches.

July 27, 2002
Priest's list of accusers now up to 18 names
More and more men are stepping forward with allegations each time the case receives new publicity, says attorney Joseph Saunders.

700 files under review after sex scandals
After two priests fall under a shadow, the local Episcopal diocese conducts an exhaustive check.

July 17, 2002
Church to reveal priest's secret
In the '70s, the Rev. Jon Caridad served at St. John's Episcopal Church. Allegations have led him to quit the ministry twice.

July 17, 2002
Priest sought in child sexual abuse
The alleged abuse by the former Catholic priest began in the late 1970s on a girl of 8 through her teen years. Police think he's in his native Philippines.

July 10, 2002
Woman claiming sexual abuse sues pastor, Lutheran church
The clergyman retired recently from St. Andrew Lutheran in St. Petersburg.

June 28, 2002
Catholic priest faces 2 more assault charges
PINELLAS PARK -- Police have added two more charges of capital sexual battery against a Catholic priest accused of sexually assaulting boys during the 1980s.

June 27, 2002
AME bishops review abuse policy
TAMPA -- In the wake of the sex abuse problem in churches nationwide, bishops of the African Methodist Episcopal Church are examining their own policy on the issue during a weeklong convention in Tampa.

June 25, 2002
Church is sued over molestation
The mother of a victim files suit, claiming the Gospel Outreach Church should have known of the molester's record.

June 24, 2002
Group urges victims to speak out on sex abuse
ST. PETERSBURG -- Sunday morning was the first time Melissa Price has been near a Catholic Church since she was a teenager.

June 22, 2002

  • Priest may face more charges
    Prosecutors are investigating other claims of abuse. Meanwhile, a judge agrees to reduce his bail to $300,000.

June 15, 2002

June 14, 2002

  • Priest extradited to face charges
    LARGO -- A Catholic priest charged last month with sexually assaulting two 11-year-old boys in the 1980s was extradited to Pinellas on Thursday as prosecutors considered an additional charge against him.
  • Bishops drop loophole
    A zero-tolerance policy for Catholic priests who molest youngsters is under consideration by bishops.

June 12, 2002

June 6, 2002

May 24, 2002

  • Woman alleges priest's abuse
    The 31-year-old woman says the man molested her for eight years and also gave her family gifts.
  • Bishop requests separate review
    ST. PETERSBURG -- Hoping to reassure area Catholics that more than $60-million in donations will be spent efficiently, Bishop Robert N. Lynch wants independent consultants to review the Diocese of St. Petersburg's methods for hiring architects and contractors.

May 23, 2002

May 18, 2002

May 17, 2002

May 15, 2002

  • Check of priests' files finds no misconduct
    ST. PETERSBURG -- The Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg has nearly finished a review of its 240 active priests without finding any credible claim of sexual misconduct with minors, the church's general counsel said Tuesday.

May 11, 2002

May 9, 2002

May 5, 2002

  • The pinch-hitting priest
    Monsignor Thaddeus Malanowski is again called upon to help a Catholic church in trouble. This time, it's in Largo.

May 4, 2002

May 3, 2002

April 28, 2002

  • Why?
    35 questions and answers about the crisis in the Catholic Church.

    Suspended priest fights allegations
    LUTZ -- The pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Church, who was suspended last week from his post by Bishop Robert N. Lynch, denied on Saturday allegations of sexual misconduct 14 years ago, when he was a seminarian.

    Roman Catholic dioceses in 46 states feel impact of sex abuse scandal among clergy
    At least 177 priests suspected of molesting minors have either resigned or been taken off duty in 28 states and the District of Columbia since the clerical sex scandal erupted in January, a nationwide review of Roman Catholic dioceses by The Associated Press found.

April 26, 2002

  • Accused Largo priest quits ministry
    The pastor of St. Matthew Catholic Church resigns after a St. Petersburg man tells police the priest fondled him as a youth in the 1970s.

April 26, 2002

April 24, 2002

April 23, 2002

April 22, 2002

April 21, 2002

April 20, 2002

April 17, 2002

  • Vatican aims for sex case reforms
    The Vatican's unprecedented summons of U.S. cardinals to a meeting on sex abuse has some insiders hoping for big changes in church policies, including the standardization of rules dictating how American bishops respond to misconduct claims.

April 16, 2002

April 14, 2002

April 10, 2002

April 9, 2002

  • Papers reveal church's knowledge
    BOSTON -- Although well aware of sexual abuse complaints against Father Paul Shanley, Catholic church officials in Boston failed to disclose his history when they approved his 1990 transfer to a Southern California parish, documents released Monday show.

April 8, 2002

  • Taking on the church
    To Jeffrey Anderson, his campaign against sexual abuse by priests is a lucrative but righteous cause. Others question his motives.

April 5, 2002

April 4, 2002

April 3, 2002

March 28, 2002

March 25, 2002

March 24, 2002

  • Keeping the faith
    In the most important week of their faith, local Catholic priests and parishioners work to make sense of a national scandal that now has hit home.

March 23, 2002

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