Sense of Community

Sense of Community

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Welcome to Neighborhood Times. We are the new home for community news from Seminole. Top of the Class. Local businesses. Recreation centers. Weddings. Real estate transactions. Police reports. You will find all of it in our easy-to-use tabloid format.

Civic duty builds city not seen, but felt
For decades, residents have gathered for the Pow Wow and other events that reinforce the sense of community.

By vote, new areas stick to Seminole
Last year, the annexation ball started rolling and the city has almost doubled in size since then.

Retirees find fit, fitness in one place
With more than 40 percent of its population 65 or older, Seminole draws residents whose day at the mall includes dancing and walking.

Some say you can go home again
People who grew up and left the city say the warmth of Seminole and the coldness of other places drew them back.

Pleasures of living on lake bubble up
Residents say their worries about runoff into Lake Seminole and its popularity for recreation are balanced by tranquil life on its shore.

30 years later, city's name has cachet
So you live in Seminole. Or at least you say you do. Well, technically, most of you don't.

Schools, sports support families
Parents say Seminole is the sort of place where many turn out for Friday night football games.