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Life Online: Special Coverage
The Times kicks off a weeklong look at everyday life with the Internet. Check out these stories today and later in the week:
  • Sunday: In Floridian, to isolate or not to isolate: That is the question. In Travel, where do you want to go? Climb into the Web. In Business, there are deals and pitfalls when you book airline tickets online.
  • Monday: In Floridian, radio reverberates through the Web. Tech Times studies networking in the home.
  • Tuesday: In Seniority, Bay area seniors are savvy about opportunities and connections.
  • Thursday: In Taste, find out about researching wine and virtually visiting vineyards around the world.
  • Friday: In Floridian, how fast does e-mail travel? An experiment.
  • Saturday: In Home & Garden, yes, you can buy a sofa online, lots of home hardware and plants, too. But gardeners seem to want to touch the plants they buy.
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