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Welcome back to the St. Petersburg Times' Newspaper in Education page. The 2000/2001 series is about something we all love and wish we had more of: money.

Throughout the school year, in this space you will find fun and informational stories about how to get, spend and keep money. Developed by the Florida Council on Economic Education, the series will explore such topics as personal finance, business etiquette and ethics, making decisions, managing your time and money and more, all geared toward you, not just your parents! We hope you enjoy this economic adventure

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Chapter 1: Managing your cash

Chapter 2:
Bank on it!

Chapter 3:
Job search

Chapter 4:
The credit crunch

Chapter 5:
Buying a car

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7:
Finding a place to live

Ethics and etiquette

Chapter 8:
Good etiquette is good business

Chapter 9:
Treat others as you wish to be treated

Chapter 10:
Good ethics: the way to success

Business Basics

Chapter 11:
How the market affects buyers and sellers

Chapter 12:
Money means choices

Chapter 13:
Pride in our property

Chapter 14:
Choosing an economic system

Chapter 15: Competition: the fuel that makes our economy run

Chapter 16:
Money plus time equals interest

Chapter 17:
Tools to help you take charge

Chapter 18:
Thinking before you act leads to good decisions

Chapter 19:
It's all about attitude

Time is money

Chapter 20:
Manage those minutes, relieve stress in your day

Chapter 21: Take time to make time

Making Money

Chapter 22:
In case you'd like to shop in the stock market...

Chapter 23:
Trading stocks is business at its busiest

Chapter 24:
Stock performance map shows routes to success

Chapter 25:
No sure things

Chapter 26:
Plan for the future today

Chapter 27:
Picking the right investment team

Chapter 28:
Who is an entrepreneur?

Chapter 29:
What do consumers want?

Chapter 30:
How to put a price tag on your goods

Chapter 31:
Marketing makes the cash register ring

Chapter 32:
Before the profits comes 'the plan'

Chapter 33:
It takes money to make money

Chapter 34:
The power of advertising

Chapter 35:
Keeping track of the money