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Multimedia Reports

Photo galleries, interactive graphics and video reports from 2004 and 2003.
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  • Multimedia report
    photoA husband for Vibha
    Arranged marriage has been a cultural tradition for generations of Indians, including the family of USF student Vibha Dhawan. But what happens when a modern woman agrees to an ancient ritual?" [12/19/04]
  • Multimedia report
    Darkness comes over Sunshine
     After 45 years of Saturday night racing, the speedway closes its doors, leaving behind only memories." [11/28/04]
  • Slide show with audio
     Thinking through the decision
    On November 2, 2004 the nation will elect a president, vice president and a host of other leaders. We asked some Tampa Bay residents about some of the issues foremost in their minds this year. [10/31/04]
  • Slide show with audio
    Stanley CupStanley’s Summer Tour
    Sixteen states, seven Canadian provinces, eight countries. The Stanley Cup journeyed the world as Tampa Bay Lightning players took 24-hour turns with the most famous trophy in sports. Times photographer Dirk Shadd went along for some of the ride. [10/12/04]
  • Stanley CupSlide show
    Hands of Time
    Precious mementos open windows to the cherished past of memory-afflicted clients at a Zephyrhills senior day care center. [10/10/04]
  • Multimedia report
    photoThe last full measure of devotion
    Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith went to Iraq vowing to bring his men home alive. It would take everything he had to give. He found himself leading 16 GIs in a firefight against 100 enemy soldiers. Smith’s actions that day have earned him a nomination for the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest award for bravery. [1/25/04]
  •  Multimedia report
    Chihuly Across Florida: Masterworks in Glass
    Dale Chihuly, the most famous glass artist in the world, brings his extravagant, flamboyant sculptures and installations to the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Jan. 18 through May 30. Virtual tour with audio and time lapse video of Ducal Tower being built. [1/11/04]
  • Slide show
     Fight Night
    Glitz, grit and a fleeting shot at glory. Boxing attracts all kinds. [9/28/03]
  • Slide show with audio
     The last sideshow
    For 57 years, Ward Hall barnstormed with his band of freaks, but few will pay to see a fat man and a midget these days. It's just not weird to be weird anymore. [9/28/03]
  •  Slide show
    From days of thunder to days of wondering
    It was an American phenomenon, a sport that evolved from the beaches of Daytona and the dusty back roads of the South, and in 1960 it captured the imagination of a Pinellas County dairy farmer named Leo [7/27/03]
  • Multimedia report
    13Life at the Edge of Everything
    Four Times staffers spent months shadowing a handful of Tampa seventh-graders. They went to the kids' slumber parties, hung out at their homes, witnessed all the mini-dramas of growing up. Along the way, they gained access into a secret world normally hidden from parents. [5/18/03]
  •  Multimedia report
    Tamiami Trail
    Ambition and sweat tamed the Everglades just enough to bring modern life to Tampa and Miami. Now, 75 years later, we speed along a road where civilization runs wild as the alligator. [4/20/03]
  • Multimedia report
    St. Petersburg Grand Prix
    Includes full news coverage of the event with interactive graphics of cars, race course and drivers. (2/21-24/03)
2012-11 | Archive: 2010-09 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004-03
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