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Multimedia Reports

Photo galleries, interactive graphics and video reports from 2005.
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  • Photo essay with audio
    Apalachicola River
    Florida's largest river in terms of water volume, the Apalachicola starts at the Georgia border and flows south 106 miles through some of the wildest country the state has to offer before emptying into Apalachicola Bay at Oystertown. Go to article
  • Video report
    St. Petersburg boat parade
    St. Petersburg Marine Max Lighted Boat Parade traveled north from the Port of St. Petersburg/Harborage Marina, around the Pier, through the Vinoy yacht basin and along the Snell Isle waterfront.
  • Photo essay with audio
    Dust in the water
    Sponges are disappearing from the ocean floor, and so, maybe, is Taso Karistinos' way of life. Go to article
  • Photo essay with audio
    In Their Eyes:
    Stories of Hurricane Katrina
    Photos brought home the suffering caused when Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast. Let our photographers tell the story as they saw it.
  • Video report
    Adam's Mark memories to outlive hotel
    Thoughts of disco dancing, free sunsets and pretty people - no darts, no big-screen antics - will remain after the hotel falls.
  • Photo essay with audio
    Body Chemistry
    A look at the "Bodies, the Exhibition" at the Museum of Science and Industry.
  • Video report
    Red tide takes toll on turtles
    According to Allen Foley, a biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Jacksonville field laboratory, 138 sea turtles have been stranded on local beaches since July 24. [9/23/05]
  • Multimedia report
    Hard times on Easy Street
    Recovering from Hurricane Charley has been difficult in Charlotte County, even for residents with this most ironic address.
  • Video report
    Red tide sharks
    Sharks at the Harborage Marina at Bayboro in St. Petersburg. The sharks were drawn into the bay by Red Tide. [6/30/05]
  • Video report
    Shark Attacks
    Beachgoers are treading lightly but still swimming after two recent attacks. [6/28/05]
  • Interactive graphic
    School Dress Code: What not to wear
    Here's a quick look at what is and what isn't okay to wear in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. Both counties reviewed the rules since classes ended in May and Pinellas got tougher. With government pushing schools to step it up, educators say it's time for a more serious look in class.
  • Interactive graphic
    High hopes for downtown Clearwater
    A movie theater, restaurants and 1,000 high-end condominiums are all in proposed developments in downtown Clearwater. Most are still in the talking stage, but if built, they would create a city skyline while recasting the whole of downtown.
  • Photo essay with audio
    The princess maker
    Ms. Dee is on a mission to save the world through better child pageantry. It's not about perfection, and it's not about winning - though both are nice.
  • Photo essay
    A home for the range
    With development consuming more and more Florida ranch land, the Adams Ranch stands as a model for how to preserve nature - and a way of life.
  • Photo essay
    Bond of brothers
    The Weaver sons of Citrus County shared a love of country and the Army. All three were helicopter pilots. All three went to war. Two came back. [7/3/05]
  • Photo essay with audio
    The man who
    would be THE KING
    It's now or never for Kenny Grube, who has always wanted to be a rock star. He hopes to reach the promised land by impersonating Elvis. [6/30/05]
  • Multimedia report
    Home schooling: It's not what you think
    Yearbook, drama lessons, field trips, even classes at public school. Homeschooling gets a new look from a generation craving more time with their kids. [6/26/05]
  • Photo essay with audio
    Natural Amenities
    Natural wooden treehouses await the adventuresome traveler yearning to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. [6/19/05]
  • Interactive graphic and photo gallery
    photoHow a heart transplant is performed
    A look at the surgery to mark the 20th anniversary of the heart transplant procedure. Warning: contains graphic images [6/13/05]
  • Photo essay with audio
    The hip crowd
    Women in thousand-dollar outfits move their bellies in a sensual motion. Shiny hand cymbals jangle. Men sit to the sides, clapping and smoking. Bass-heavy Arabic music reverberates through Bahasa Lounge in Tampa. [6/4/05]
  • Art essay with audio and video
    A day in the life of Fort DeSoto Park
    Stephen Leatherman, better known as "Dr. Beach," last month put Fort DeSoto Park's North Beach at the top of his annual list of America's best beaches. See Don Morris' sketches transform into video.
  • Multimedia report
    Vanishing wetlands
    Despite a presidential policy of "no net loss," Florida has lost at least 84,000 acres of wetlands in the past 15 years. How hard is it to get permission to destroy these "protected" areas? Just ask.
  •  Multimedia report
    A pipeline to promise, or a pipeline to peril
    The United States is betting the future of energy lies in the hard-to-reach Caspian Sea. With the $3.6 billion pipeline about to open it remains to be seen if the investment will show a return. [5/15/05]
  •  Photo essay
    One fine day
    Along more than 20 miles of sand, a day at the beach takes on many connotations for people who are drawn there. From sunrise to sunset, our writers and photographer offer snapshots of the people who live, work and visit the shorelines by chronicling “A Day in the Life” of the beaches. Go to article
  • Multimedia report
    In search of his successor
    Behind the locked doors of the Sistine Chapel, the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church have gathered to begin the solemn process of choosing one among them to be the new pope. [4/2/05]
  • Multimedia report
    A day on the docks
    They have 10 hours to get passengers off the ship, clean it up, get new passengers on and leave the port. Stay out of the way. [3/27/05]
  • Art essay with audio
     The art angels
    All work part-time as artists-in-residence for the Arts in Medicine program at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute in Tampa. [2/13/05]
  • Video report
     Monet’s London:
    virtual tour

    Times art critic Lennie Bennett narrates the tour, which explores the artwork on display and explains why 19th-century London was such an inspiration to artists around the world. [2/1/05]
  • Timelapse
    photoGasparilla 2005: Times photo technology director Jack Rowland took a timelapse video of the parade. [1/31/05]
    large video
    small video
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