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Multimedia Reports

Photo galleries, interactive graphics and video reports from 2006.
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  • Slide show
    Just one day 12.6.06
    It was a day like many others. The sun came up. The sun went down. Here, in the form of moments seen and heard in the county where we live, is some of what happened in between. Go to article [12/10/06]
  • Audio slide show
    The cost of caring
    The emphasis at Happy Workers Children's Center has been on the kids for 77 years despite the never-ending discussions of money. Go to article [12/7/06]
  • Photo essay with audio
    Unspoiled alcove
    Nature reigns at Maho Bay Camps on St. John, where guests discover the unadulterated beauty of the Caribbean. Go to article [11/12/06]
  • Audio slide show
    Fighting chance
    Sure the bouts are scripted, but wrestlers on independent circuits still take big risks for a shot at the dream. Go to article [11/9/06]
  • Photo essay with audio
    Hair and now
    Two decades after hair metal’s heyday, Florida still likes its rock ’n’ roll loud, lewd and shaggy. Go to article [11/5/06]
  • Audio slide show
    Danny Rolling executed
    “Our pain will never go away, but this evil man has gone away now,” says the mother of Sonja Larson, one of the killer’s victims. Go to article [10/26/06]
  • Photo essay with audio
    Cruising along America's edge
    Travelers willing to brave the often-white-knuckle drive along the rocky precipices of Northern California's Highway 1 earn a remarkable reward. Go to article [10/22/06]
  • Photo essay with audio
    One thin thread
    When his Aunt Pat died, Jerrick Blue ended up alone and virtually homeless at 17. Little by little, he reconnected with the world. Go to article [10/22/06]
  • Audio slide show
    American beauty
    It all started with a single silver pitcher. Now it's the largest collection in the world.
    Go to article [10/22/06]
  • Audio slide show
    A Hopeful walk
    Photos from day one of the annual Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk to benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
  • Audio slide show
    America's next idols
    The audience came, saw and went wild over the performances during the Bay Area Idol youth talent show at the Palladium Theater.
    Go to article [10/4/06]
  • Photo essay and video
    Blake vs. Middleton
    Audio Slideshow
    It's more than just a game. The annual contest is a social event, concert and tearjerker all rolled into one. Go to article [9/27/06]
  • Video report
    A lifetime of darkness
    Seizures, as many as 40 a day, were a decades-old fact of life for James Huffman. Then doctors told him they might have a cure, if he would let them cut into his brain.
    Go to article [9/24/06]
  • Photo essay with audio
    Pain and patriotism
    In high school, they were the Warriors of West Branch. And nine of them became warriors after high school, too. Out of a sense of duty, service. But something happened on the way to that homecoming parade. Go to article [9/17/06]
  • Photo and video essay
    The shell game
    Claws scuttle, competitors cheer and the Crab Man tending these bar brigades considers this a job well played.
    Go to article [9/12/06]
  • Photo essay with audio
    Our casualties of war
    This presentation is a living memorial to the men and women of the armed services who served in Afghanistan and Iraq and left a lasting imprint on our community. [9/11/06]
  • Audio slide show
    Lessons for life
    Jamie Thomas might have thought it was summer vacation, but his mother had other ideas. He had to learn to cook. To use an elevator. To count his money.
    Go to article [9/7/06]
  • Multimedia report
    In search of ground truth
    CentCom chief Gen. John Abizaid crisscrosses the front lines to get intel on the war on terror. And he has a message for his troops: "Tell the truth."
    Go to article [9/3/06]
  • Photo essay
    A year after Katrina
    From a storm that produced limitless gripping images, theirs became iconic. But we never knew the people inside the frame. A year later, we found them. They are ordinary people, trying to get back to the way ordinary used to feel.
    Go to article [8/29/06]
  • Audio slide show
    Because it's there
    What more reason would the Yeti Man need to climb aboard time after time after time? His is not the only soul to be bewitched by a ride at Disney World.
    Go to article [8/24/06]
  • Audio slide show
    The heart of a bowhunter
    At 80, "Mom" Creason hasn't hunted for a couple of years, but she still takes part in the season by running the archery shop she and her husband started more than 50 years ago.
    Go to article [8/21/06]
  • Photo essay with audio
    Everyday Cuba
    Rare glimpses of mundane life in Cuba, with the routine resourcefulness that gets people through the day.
    Go to article [8/20/06]
  • Video report
    Who you calling a duck?
    You could say Diane Anheier brought Sammy out of his shell. Now the gregarious denier of his own duckhood dutifully follows her, all the whilecharming his way through a Largo assisted living facility.
    Go to article [8/14/06]
  • Photo essay
    Miami's Little Havana
    Cuban exiles have long tried to recreate a little piece of their homeland.
  • Audio slide show
    Guts, grit fill what's missing
    A rare blood disease cost Justin Beauchesne his arms and part of a foot as a baby. Now, having tried different sports, the 18-year-old finds a passion in skateboarding.
    Go to article [8/8/06]
  • Interactive graphic and video
    AThe sport of spearfishing plays out in the ocean's depths, far from the gaze of spectators. [8/4/06]
  • Video report
    Cubans ponder life without Fidel
    With word on Castro's condition limited, Cuba waits - and thinks about the future. If Castro dies and power shifts to his brother, experts don't expect a citizen uprising.
    Go to article [8/2/06]
  • Multimedia report
    Latest round in an old conflict
    Never a truly peaceful region, the Middle East exploded into open warfare again when Palestinian militants captured
    an Israeli soldier and killed two others. [7/30/06]
  • Photo essay
    Kennel trash
    That nickname didn't bother the people at Polk County Animal Control. It bound them together, signaled their kinship with the dogs they cared for. When a police raid filled every cage with pit bulls, they confronted the true cost of compassion.
    Go to article [7/30/06]
  • Multimedia report
    Trapped in the safety net
    After the chaos of Katrina, a Mississippi family found refuge in a government trailer park. But then chaos took over the trailer park, and getting out would become the hard part.
    Go to article [7/23/06]
  • Video report
    In the hunt for a foul ball
    Adults, children. They all bring their gloves to the game in hopes of catching a ball. Not any ball, but a major league ball.
  • Photo essay
    A few of our favorite things
    If the big one heads our way this hurricane season, evacuation routes will be packed with cars full of anxious people, nervous pets and hastily gathered supplies.
    Go to article [7/16/06]
  • Audio report
    Building boom
    Noise from wrecking balls and young people are starting to awaken a city once known as God's Waiting Room.
    Go to article
  • Video report
    The rhythm of love
    George and Dora Quiles' romance has flourished for nearly six decades, both on and off the dance floor.
    Go to article
  • Photo and video essay
    Derby Mom
    Erin Oswald is Joan of Ache when she's on the track, but to her two girls she's mom.
    Go to article [6/28/06]
  • Photo galley
    Tropical Storm Alberto:
    The season's first storm storm delivers a glancing blow, but leaves its mark on west-central Florida with serious soaking and bitter gusts.
  • Audio & video report
    Pastor Terry
    The spiritual and the earthly get this preacher to the pulpit come Sunday morning. That's not easy when you're a sleepy 8-year-old. Grandma helps.
    Go to article
  • Interactive graphic
    2006 World Cup: Against the World
    No longer seen as a major underdog, the U.S. men’s national soccer team will try to repeat the success it had in 2002, where it made the quarterfinals for the first time since 1930. (English and Español)
    Go to articles [6/7/06]
  • Multimedia report
    AIDS: Evolution of an epidemic
    The first cases of HIV were detected 25 years ago today. In the past quarter-century, more than 25-million people have died in the worldwide epidemic and nearly 40-million are estimated to be living with HIV.
    Go to article [6/5/06]
  • Photo essay
    The frank approach
    For 80 years, the crew at Coney Island Grill hasn’t minced words with customers. It’s still the perfect place to grab a hot dog with ketchup and a side of sass.
    Go to article [6/4/06]
  • Interactive graphic
    Lurking in Suburbia
    See what happens when gators lurk closer to new developments. [5/30/06]
  • Interactive graphic
    Orlando Survival Guide
    There are cooler, less-busy times to visit the kiddie pleasure palaces of Orlando, but the kids are out of school and you promised. Universal appeal draws us to the House of Mouse when the swelter is the worst. [5/28/06]
  • Photo essay
    Cut out for fame?
    Budding designers show off their work at a student fashion show, hoping to land jobs and make a name for themselves.
    Go to article [5/27/06]
  • Photo essay with audio
    Good intentions
    Lillie, 14 and pregnant, needed a mom. Amy, 37, gave her a home. Neither was ready for what happened next.
    Go to article [5/14/06]
  • Multimedia report
    The United Nations has called the conflict in Sudan's Darfur region one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. At least 180,000 people have been killed and 2-million driven from their homes.
  • Photo essay with audio
    Hog wild
    Greg Whidden has earned his nickname.Dogs wailing, Spook jumps on his horse and vanishes into the woods, chasing down elusive and wily wild hogs, bound for someone's dinner table. They do not go gently into that good night.
    Go to article [5/7/06]
  • Multimedia report
    The run for the roses
    The 132nd running of the Kentucky Derby will continue to showcase a rich and varied tradition that has fascinated many horsemen and fans since its early days in the late 19th century.
  • Video report
    Hurricane forecasting
    Inside Kermit: Take a video tour of NOAA's hurricane hunter plane named after the Muppet character.
  • Photo essay with audio
    A cross they can't bear
    For Mexican families who have members trying to get into the United States, waiting to find out if they are okay is excruciating. Especially when you've already lost someone.
    Go to article
  • Photo essay with audio
    Free on the range
    The Florida Gay Rodeo Association held its first event earlier this month in Davie.
  • Photo essay with audio
    Lord of the Rings
    When William De Turk bangs on the keys of the carillon at Historic Bok Sanctuary, the music is moving.
    Go to article
  • Art essay with audio
    Supended life
    A true story about young trapeze artist Simone Dykes of Gibsonton, told in words and drawings
  • Interactive graphic
    St. Petersburg Skyline
    They are transforming St. Petersburg's skyline. View it from the top of the municipal Pier. You can see what is happening and perhaps envision the city's front yard a few years from now.
    Go to article
  • Photo essay with audio
    The love of his life
    Freddie worries about what will happen to his farm after he is gone. Not long ago, someone offered Freddie a half-million dollars for the 25 acres that include his modest home on a hill. He said no.
    Go to article
  • Photo essay with audio
    Cyclo-cross blends the speed of road biking and the ruggedness of mountain biking with a dash of steeplechase. Races are on pavement, dirt and grass with sections that require riders to dismount and carry their bikes through thick mud or over man-made obstacles. [2/18/06]
  • Photo essay with audio
    Back on the Loop
    A 26-mile, forlorn ribbon of dirt road off Tamiami Trail midway between Miami and Naples offers a gritty glimpse into the state's past: a place where the gators and snakes outnumber humans and houses.
    Go to article
  • Photo essay with audio
    The boy in black
    Drinkin'. Fightin'. Killin'. He may not have done any of these things, but that doesn't stop this 10-year-old from singing as if he has lived a world of hurt. Go to article
  • Video report
    Martin Luther King Day
    St. Petersburg's Dr. Martin Luther King Drum Major for Justice Parade.

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