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Multimedia Reports

Photo galleries, interactive graphics and video reports from 2007. 2012-11 | Archive: 2010-09 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004-03

  • Quiz
    Think you're
    a Bucs fan?

    Who was the Bucs' first playoff opponent in 1979? Which Buc gained a record 142 yards rushing in a game? [12/29/07]
  • Quiz
    TV theme songs
    Listen to win. No prizes in this quiz, but we bet you'll have fun testing your theme song IQ. [12/28/07]
  • Quiz
    Pop culture
    See how well you were paying attention to the pop culture universe in 2007 by taking our quiz. What, you didn't see that YouTube video of the crazy dancing inmates? [12/26/07]
  • Audio slide show
    Vroom! Vroom!
    Nearly 200 people competitors raced their radio-control cars over three days in early December. They came from from places as far as Great Britain, California, Arizona, Ohio and Massachusetts, and from around Florida for the event. [12/20/07]
  • Multimedia
    Zoo Story
    A behind the scenes look at Lowry Park Zoo with photo galleries, audio interviews, video of the animals and more. [12/02/07]
  • Multimedia
    24 holiday cookie recipes
    Dive into Carl the Cookie Fairy's kitchen to find printable recipe cards, tips and a baking demonstration. [11/28/08]
  • Audio slide show and interactive map
    Big cats, big controversy
    Activism, accusations lurk behind a pet project. Carole Baskin says she's focused on her mission to outlaw private ownership of big cats and arrive at a day when there's no need for shelters like hers. [11/11/07]
  • Interactive
    The perfect bar
    At some point in our lives, we all imagine opening the world's greatest bar. Why, we wonder, can't there be a bar that serves all our needs at once? Rather than keep on dreaming, we decided to build our own perfect bar. [11/09/07]
  • Audio slide show
    This close to homeless
    It wasn't long ago that the home was their dream. Now, they find themselves balancing on the edge of foreclosure. [10/28/07]
  • Animation
    Nightmare on Dogwood Street
    Looking through our gallery of pet costumes from last year, we got a devilish thought: Why not make all of these pets some characters in a haunted tale? [10/25/07]
  • Photo gallery
    Back to the Sea
    "CB" a loggerhead sea turtle, swims away after it was released on Clearwater Beach after four months at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. [10/18/07]
  • Gallery
    Haunt couture
    C'mon, don't be a slutty wench for Guavaween. Again. We have a slideshow of more topical ideas. [10/18/07]
  • Audio slide show
    Hernando County Rodeo
    The weekend rodeo offered plenty for seekers of brown-dirt thrills. [10/15/07]
  • Audio slide show
    Change in health, change of heart
    Dwayne Eagan, 37, led a wild life, often in trouble with the law. Then he was diagnosed with nasal pharyngeal cancer. His life has never been better. [10/13/07]
  • Photo gallery
    Boot camp guards not guilty
    After 90 minutes of deliberations, the jury in the boot camp beating trial found all defendants not guilty. [10/12/07]
  • Interactive
    Tampa Bay's Dream 18
    Wouldn't it be great to play a course made up of the best holes from our top area courses? We gave it a shot. [10/11/07]
  • Audio slide show
    Auschwitz: Evil at play
    The power of a photo is a force beyond words — to move us, to make us feel, to make us think in ways that words simply cannot. So what to think, what to feel when confronted with images such as these? [10/7/07]
  • Photo gallery
    Learning to let go
    As disabled children age, their parents ask: Who will care for them when I’m gone? [10/7/07]
  • Audio slide show
    Paddling “The Chas”
    Just an hour and a half drive north of downtown St. Petersburg, an intrepid adventurer can still find an unspoiled swimming of their own. The trick is, you’ve got to paddle. [10/5/07]
  • Interactive
    When the Russians launched 50 years ago, a Florida town took off. [10/4/07]
  • Photo gallery
    At Bern's, it's in with the ooooh
    The Tampa restaurant revamps its dessert menu to keep up with changing expectations. We capture the beauty of the delicious creations. Feast your eyes. [9/6/07]
  • Audio slide show
    Band of brothers
    When the war in Iraq claims a man's life, it breaks his siblings' hearts. And hardens their resolve. [8/31/07]
  • Multimedia report
    Doubt: Who killed Michelle?
    Leo Schofield is serving life for murdering his wife, but did he do it? Only he knows. Is there reasonable doubt? Yes, starting with a new fingerprint match. [8/26/07]
  • Audio slide show
    The perfect touch
    Evelyn Glennie is the world's first full-time solo percussionist. She is profoundly deaf and feels the music through her feet. [8/24/07]
  • Interactive and video
    Hurricane Hunter
    The Navy flies airplanes like these to hunt for submarines. But the P-3s at MacDill have been modified to gather intelligence about a different enemy – the weather. [8/20/07]
  • Interactive
    Sea turtles
    Each year, thousands flock to Florida's beaches to nest. [8/13/07]
  • Audio slide show
    Another Castro, same Cuba
    With Raul Castro in charge, talk of economic reform sweeps the island as state farming fails. [8/6/07]
  • Audio slide show
    The hallowed sound of Memphis
    The river city's music and memories — from Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash to Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes — are its rock and soul. [8/5/07]
  • Interactive
    Concussions on their minds
    With the focus increasing on concussions, many are working on ways to mitigate their impact or better assess their damage. [8/5/07]
  • Audio slide show
    Liberia's children of war
    Thousands of former child soldiers tread an uneasy middle ground in Liberia, a country torn between learning from its past or forgetting it in trying to build a future amid utter ruin. [8/5/07]
  • Interactive
    Tampa Bay Bridges
    Fifty-six of the more than 6,000 bridges operated by the state of Florida are in "poor" condition, according to the state's own ratings. [8/2/07]
  • Photo gallery
    Still loving the Haight
    Hippie culture may have grown up a bit, but it's alive and well in San Francisco. [7/22/07]
  • Audio slide show
    34th Annual Sunrise Sale and Pajama Party
    They started at 6:43 a.m. in pursuit of bargain shopping. Shoppers still in their pajamas and bathrobes took advantage of bargain prices at more than 40 shops in downtown St. Pete this morning. [7/19/07]
  • Interactive
    From moo
    to you

    This might sound familiar: Ethanol wants corn and so do cows. So corn gets more expensive. And feeding corn to dairy cows gets more expensive. So your gallon of milk gets more expensive. [7/16/07]
  • Audio slide show
    unites in mysterious ways

    Daniel and Michelle believe they have found the secret to a happy life. They farm barefoot. Their bodies are in the rhythm of nature. They dust off dirt and eat food straight from the earth. [7/13/07]
  • Interactive
    Melanoma is not just skin deep
    Between 1950 and 2001, the number of cases of melanoma grew by 690 percent. The biggest risk factor for this deadliest form of skin cancer is sun exposure. [7/9/07]
  • Audio slide show
    Ollies and officers
    National Skateboarding Day brings out the men in blue, too. [6/22/07]
  • Interactive
    Does the new tax proposal work for you?
    Grab a copy of your 2006 tax bill or TRIM notice (or go look it up on your county tax collector's website) and we'll do the math for you. [6/18/07]
  • Interactive map
    Where do they come from?
    Every year, tens of thousands more people move to the Tampa Bay area than move out of it. Where are they coming from? [6/10/07]
  • Photo gallery
    Purses & Passion
    Women are passionate about their purses because that's where we carry our lives - whatever our lives are at any given moment. [6/08/07]
  • Photo gallery
    Family matters
    Michael Aviles went to Cuba to learn more about his half sister and visit other relatives. During the trip he saw the good and bad sides of Cuban life. [6/02/07]
  • Video report
    A story for Jake
    A Democrat and a Republican. A pacifist and a soldier. A Catholic and a Protestant. They were a Shakespearian tragedy even before they were an item. Theirs was a relationship of sacrifices, some made and others offered. He for her, and she for him. Go to article [5/27/07]
  • Audio slide show
    The music class of 2007
    They learned their chops in practice rooms and youth symphonies. Now high school is behind them, and they'll soon pack up their instruments for college. St. Petersburg Times photographer Ted McLaren invited recent high school grads to talk about their plans and what music means to them. [5/27/07]
  • Multimedia report
    The spark of genius
    It was 1967, and the Beatles were at work on a sonic masterpiece with a 20-year-old recording engineer at their side. Behind the scenes: Listen to an audio interview with Geoff Emerick, study a graphic identifying every person on the Sgt. Pepper's album cover and read more about the 1967 recording sessions. [5/20/07]
  • Photo gallery
    Stepping Out
    It’s the teenage fashion event of the year, and local students show that
    the high school prom is all about elegance, individuality and fun. [4/28/07]
  • Photo gallery
    Evening star
    Shopping for evening wear can be daunting. Don't let fear foil your search for that special something. Go to article [4/14/07]
  • Video
    Fan's Guide to the Trop.
    Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the changes at Tropicana Field aimed at improving the fan experience. [4/5/07]
  • Audio slide show
    Marching madness
    The Awesome Original Second Time Arounders Marching Band, a 300-strong unit composed of former high school and college musicians, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Go to article [3/28/07]
  • Audio slide show
    An enclave of faith
    In India, people stream in and out of Sikh temples all day. But here, in the bay area, where Christianity and Judaism are dominant, only a handful of people gather weekly at the Tampa Gurdwara or temple to practice Sikhism. Go to article [3/18/07]
  • Photo essay
    Spring break swimwear
    The sun is shining, the volleyball courts are busy, the lounge chairs are full, and the tunes - even 'N Sync - are blasting. But taste in music isn't the issue this March day on Clearwater Beach. Taste in swimwear is. Go to article [3/17/07]
  • Audio report
    Eddie Izzard on
    "The Riches"

    Comedian-actor Eddie Izzard sometimes favors the feminine look, which he ditches for The Riches, his new FX show about a family of con artists.
    Go to article [3/13/07]
  • Photo essay
    America's Caribbean
    The Florida Keys are part of the Sunshine State, but with every mile marker you realize you're far, far away. Go to article [3/11/07]
  • Interactive graphic
    Closing in on Alzheimer's
    With many new drugs on the path to approval, scientists expect to deal a major blow to the disease within 10 years, if not five. Go to article [2/27/07]
  • Video
    A big dig
    It started when a teen came across a shiny black rock. It turned out to be a fossil. Now Seminole's Boca Ciega Millennium Park has become a hubub of activity as volunteers search for more bones. [2/26/07]
  • Photo essay with audio
    Fine folk and big tails
    Yarns about people mingling with nature spring to life on the Hillsborough River.Tales of people, nature come alive while floating on the Hillsborough River. Go to article [2/23/07]
  • Photo essay with audio
    Class dismissed
    Vandalism. Graffiti. No respect. Welcome to Gibbs High. Can the glory days return? Go to article [2/11/07]
  • Video
    Florida State Fair
    Fried Pepsi and such
    Check out the sights and sounds at this year's state fair. [2/10/07]
  • Video
    Good dog
    Dog trainer Phyllis Mazzarisi shows you how to turn your wild pooch into a well-behaved pet. Go to Animal Tales [2/10/07]
  • Photo essay
    Her home, her heritage
    Mable Sims wants people to know her Florida, where a medicine man was called to cast spells and a strong woman held sway with a shotgun. Go to article [2/8/07]
  • Video & photo gallery
    Gasparilla invades Tampa
    It was party or leave Saturday in Tampa. 400,000 partied.
    Video | Photo gallery [1/28/07]
  • Photo essay with audio
    Living history
    The records are long gone, but the people of Tampa's Harlem Academy keep its story alive. Go to article [1/26/07]
  • Interactive graphic
    Puzzled over Sudoku?
    Eraser-free Sudoku guru Merl Reagle uses all logic and his quirky sense of humor to help create one of the world's most popular games. Go to article [1/19/07]
  • Video
    Almost perfect
    On Januray 21, Masha Leonov's dream of skating in the national championships will take shape in Spokane, Wash. Go to article [1/19/07]
  • Slide show
    Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade
    St. Petersburg's parade is the largest such parade in the southeastern United States. And that includes Atlanta, the birthplace of the slain civil rights leader. [1/15/07]
  • Slide show
    Battle of the Bands
    Historically Black Colleges and Universities All-Star Band members and high school marching bands compete in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day event. [1/14/07]
  • Audio slide show
    It's his nature
    Some say organic farming is the future. Dennis Stoltzfoos is already there - and one step beyond. Go to article [1/14/07]
  • Audio slide show
    Behind bars, without treatment
    Despite Florida’s law requiring prompt attention for inmates deemed mentally ill, they often are left to languish in county jails, struggling without the help they need. . Go to article [1/5/07]

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