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Multimedia Reports

Photo galleries, interactive graphics and video reports from 2008. 2012-11 | Archive: 2010-09 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004-03

  • Interactive
    Your credit union's health
    TA credit union is a nonprofit financial insitution that provides financial services to and is operated by its members. This database is one way to check how your institution rates. [12/31/08]
  • Interactive
    Your bank's health
    Wondering how your bank is doing in these times of financial turmoil? This database of banks in Florida is one way to check — and it shows increasing weakness. [12/31/08]
  • Interactive
    Violent robberies
    There have been at least nine violent robberies at Tampa Bay businesses in less than a month. [12/23/08]
  • Interactive
    TIA road changes
    New routes for commuters. Starting Jan. 16, the roads near Tampa International Airport change again. [12/23/08]
  • Interactive
    Holiday fun
    Recipes, holiday events, quizes, Flat Santa send a letter to Santa and gift guides galore! [12/8/08]
  • Multimedia
    Winter's tale
    The sea spit out the dying baby dolphin, cast her into a strange new world. That was the end of one thing, and the miraculous beginning of another. [12/7/08]
  • Interactive
    Florida Votes 2008
    In collaboration with seven other Florida newspapers, we assembled an interactive map of Twitter reports from polling places across the state. [11/4/08]
  • Quiz
    Halloween scream test
    Lurking for a good way to test your knowledge of hallowed horror flicks and Halloween fun?
  • Multimedia
    The surrogate
    It begins with a woman who yearns for a baby and another who is willing and able to give her one. You can imagine the motives of the prospective parents. But what about the woman willing to carry a baby, give birth and then walk away? [10/17/08]
  • Interactive
    Rays: History in the Making
    How did the team that lost 96 games last year to cap the losingest first decade of any expansion team turn it around? [10/9/08]
  • Quiz
    Game show themes
    These themes are probably going to make some of you have flashbacks to wasted mornings or afternoons spent sprawled in front of the TV. But go ahead.
  • Multimedia
    Meet the candidates
    Introducing a more personal look at the Pinellas school board candidates: listen in on their conversations with Times reporters and learn about their positions on the issues.
  • Multimedia
    At the center of everywhere
    The Nielsen company’s Oldsmar center has become a case study of an economy without borders. Why? [9/21/08]
  • Multimedia
    Detours: a country in search of direction
    On the eve of the election, a reporter and photographer set out for Washington, via America. We tell stories from seven towns, touching on seven issues from politics and real life. [9/14/08]
  • Multimedia
    Friday Night Rewind
    View season preview videos of all 72 high school football teams in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando counties. Each Saturday morning throughout the season for our recap show featuring scores, video highlights and the hijinks you've come to love from St. Petersburg Times prep writers John Cotey and Joey Knight. [9/2/08]
  • Multimedia
    Fall TV match-ups
    The networks try to catch viewers' attention after the writers strike, while cable channels go for a knockout blow by debuting new series at the same time. Let's see who the winners are. [9/4/08]
  • Multimedia
    Right by Miles
    Two teenage boys are in a car chase with a reckless, sexually perverted Polk County sheriff’s deputy. The boys crash, killing Miles White, 16. But the sheriff’s office does not investigate its deputy’s involvement. Why? [8/31/08]
  • Interactive
    Neighbor-hood Watch
    With Neighbor-hood Watch you can pick through more than 100,000 home sales from the past four or five years in Pinellas and Pasco County in Florida. [8/22/08]
  • Interactive
    Feeling old?
    It didn't happen overnight. See what fails, and when -- and what the future may hold as you age. [8/12/08]
  • Multimedia
    The girl in the window
    Three years ago detectives and a social worker arrived at a dilapidated house in Plant City and made a heartbreaking discovery: A tiny girl living in a dark closet. [8/1/08]
  • Interactive
    Dress up George
    Whether he’s making hits, headlines or fashion statements, George Michael grabs the spotlight. [7/30/08]
  • Multimedia
    Memorable magicians
    Criss Angel's scheduled escape attempt in Clearwater on Wednesday piqued our interest about how he will do this dangerous trick. And it got us thinking about other famous illusionists who have mystified us over the years. [7/28/08]
  • Multimedia
    Garage bands rock the house
    You can't make a major motion picture in your attic. But thanks to the growing popularity and technology of the home recording studio, you can make an album that sounds just as sweet as whatever's topping the charts. [7/25/08]
  • Multimedia
    Best Super Bowl moment? You decide
    We chose 25 nominees for the best moment in the game's history, but which is the MOST memorable? That's up to you. View audio slideshows of each moment, narrated for the Times by legendary NFL announcer Pat Summerall. Then, rank them in your order of preference. [7/18/08]
  • Interactive
    Jeb Inc.
    A timeline on Jeb Bush's career and details on his speeches, corporate ties and associates. [6/6/08]
  • Multimedia
    10 years of reckoning
    The worst day for police in Tampa Bay history happened 10 years ago. It began in an old apartment with no telephone, as the rising sun warmed Sulphur Springs, when a fugitive with a fake name shot his girlfriend's son in the face. [5/18/08]
  • Interactive
    Ownership vs. rental
    The end of the real estate boom has led to a community mix that some owner-occupants say they didn't bargain for. See detailed, clickable maps with data for your neighborhood. [4/20/08]
  • Interactive
    The delegate debacle
    Florida Democrats agreed to move their state's primary before the party's agreed-upon date. The penalty: losing their delegates [4/15/08]
  • Interactive
    Meet the Rays
    They've changed the name, the colors, the logos, the uniforms and even the outlook. Now there's just the little matter of changing history. [4/4/08]
  • Multimedia
    St. Pete Times Forum
    Take a virtual tour of the home of the Tampa Bay Lightning and Storm as well as numerous concerts and high-profile sporting events.[4/3/08]
  • Multimedia
    The Museum of Fine Art
    The Museum opens its new Hazel Hough Wing, vastly expanding the artifacts on display to the public. Take a virtual tour of the museum. [3/22/08]
  • Quiz
    Beer quiz
    How well do you know your beer? Take this quiz and find out.
  • Multimedia
    Water's edge
    The water in a bottle can spring from just about anywhere. [3/15/08]
  • Multimedia
    A timeless love song
    Ever wonder how the Don Cesar got its name? Behold our three-part story of love, music and mystery. [3/09/08]
  • Interactive
    Hometown projects
    Money is so scarce in Tallahassee, legislative budget leaders issued an edict late last year: No hometown projects.
    What did Tampa Bay area lawmakers do? [3/17/07]
  • Multimedia
    Dark Highway
    Ten years gone and the question lingers — How did Kevin McGinley die? [2/29/08]
  • Database search
    Florida's 'double dippers'
    A growing number of elected officials are collecting a state pension while still getting a regular paycheck from taxpayers. [2/23/08]
  • Interactive
    Tally 2008
    Coverage of the Tallahassee legislative news with 2008 Florida Bill search and find your legislator search. [2/17/07]
  • Multimedia
    Rx overdoses
    The drugs that are killing the most people right now didn't originate on the street, but with a prescription. [2/17/08]
  • Quiz
    Oscars quiz
    The academy awards celebrate their 80th anniversary this year. How well do you know your movie history? Try our quiz and see if you have the makings of a star.
  • Animation
    Tails of Love
    Chanel, the Chihuahua, is looking for love. We've borrowed some likely candidates from our pet photo galleries and cooked up our own love story.
  • Quiz
    Grammy quiz
    The Grammy Awards turns 50 years old in 2008. Relive the winners with our interactive quiz. [2/06/08]
  • Multimedia
    Picking up the pieces
    On the one-year anniversary of some of the deadliest tornadoes in Florida history, we revisit some of the people and places forever changed that day. [2/02/08]
  • Photo gallery
    Top dogs gallery
    For the first time in 73 years, the bulldog has rejoined the American Kennel Club's list of the top 10 most popular breeds in America. Yap!
  • Quiz
    'Idol' quiz
    Season 7 starts January 15. Relive seasons past with our quiz. [1/09/08]

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