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Ongoing Stories

As the St. Petersburg Times covers stories of continuing interest, they will be added to our special archives listed below.

Here's the latest on the following topics:

The CEO and his church
Months of interviews and thousands of pages of court papers show the effect that influential Church of Scientology members had on Digital Lightwave, a Clearwater company that was a darling of the dot-com boom.

Church Scandal
Coverage of the crisis in the Catholic Church.

The poison in your back yard -- Arsenic is in the pressure-treated wood used to build decks, docks, gazebos and children's play sets. With evidence mounting that the poison can leak out, some people ask: Is it time to switch to a safer alternative?

pencil artMaking the Grade: Grading Florida's public schools
Florida school grades in: 78 fail; most get C's, D's

Missing Sabrina
On Nov. 24, 1997, Steve and Marlene Aisenberg reported their infant girl missing from her crib in their Brandon home. In the weeks following the disappearance, the couple began a high-profile journey through the national spotlight, looking for any help in finding young Sabrina. Their story has created a media circus around them, and stirred the suspicions of local authorities. The story so far...

SheilaSheila Bellush, mother of
quadruplets, killed in Sarasota

Sheila Bellush, 35, was found dead in her home Nov. 7, 1997, her quadruplet toddlers wandering through her blood. Suspected in the murder is 21-year-old Jose Luis Del Toro Jr., who was arrested Nov. 20, 1997, in Mexico and finally extradited in July 1999 to Florida.

The Rev. Henry Lyons: A ministry questioned
The saga of the Rev. Lyons and his role as president of the National Baptist Convention USA now awaits its day in court. Lyons was arrested in February on charges of racketeering and grand theft and in July was indicted on federal charges.

Deadly Rampage
The day began with a little boy who wanted to learn to swim. Within hours he was dead, and the day exploded into the deadliest ever for Tampa Bay police officers. As a more complete story of Hank Carr's rampage emerges, so do fateful details - from the tiny handcuff master key that dangled from Carr's neck, to the final tense hours of negotiations as a suicidal Carr held a gas station attendant hostage and wrote letters to his girlfriend. The Times continues to follow the story.

Broken Dreams: The sweepstakes hype
The controversy surrounding American Family Publishers is full of heart-breaking stories, many of them centering around the would-be millionaires from around the country flying to Tampa to claim what they believe will be the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Seminole gamblingA Trail of Millions
The Seminole Tribe of Florida has teamed up with Donald Trump and negotating with the state to add casino-style gambling to its reservations. A St. Petersburg Times investigation raised questions about the tribe's gambling empire and whether its winnings were distributed equitably.
Despite lawsuit, tribe still has slot machines.

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