A mother, a daughter, a murder

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Opening Fire

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The Jurors

Here are the 12 jurors and alternate selected April 12:

Juror 1: White female, 58. She now is a homemaker and lives in Apollo Beach. Her last job was as a motel desk clerk in Utah. Husband a construction superintendent.

Juror 2: White female, 44. Currently unemployed, she last worked as a waitress at a resort. Husband works for GTE. They live in Lutz and have no children. She listens to country radio. Said during jury selection she knew as much about recent hurricanes in Australia or South America as this case.

Juror 3: White male, 59. A self-employed salesman, he initially expressed concern about jury duty taking him away from his job. His wife is a homemaker and they live in Tampa. They have three adult children. Juror 3 Studied psychology in college.

Juror 4: White male, 39. He is a maintenance worker and served nine years in the Marines.
He has six children and lives in Plant City. Said he was uncomfortable when fellow Marines used drugs -- especially since they were carrying M-16s.

Juror 5: White male, 52. He is a postal worker, is not married and lives in Tampa. He has three children. He said he has no opinion on the case, but remembers seeing Valessa on TV when she had longer hair.

Juror 6: Black female, 39. She is a clerical worker, is not married and lives in Tampa. She has one child, age 7, and has served on a jury before.

Juror 7: White male, 37. He works as a lineman and is married with three children, two of
whom are teenagers. His wife is a homemaker. He lives in Dover and listens to country music. He said he doesn't let his children listen to MJ and BJ on WFLZ-FM.

Juror 8: White female, 41. She works for the Department of Revenue and her husband is a
supervisor. They live in Gibsonton. She said during jury selection that she gets the Friday and Saturday Tampa Tribune, and thought Valessa, Adam and Jon had been arrested in Ybor

Juror 9: White female, 53. She works for a Hillsborough County social service. She is not
married and has two daughters, 29 and 32. She lives in Tampa.

Juror 10: White male, 31. He is currently working as a daytrader of stocks and lives in Tampa with his wife. He described the local media as "garbage.''

Juror 11: White female, 57. She works as a supermarket cashier instructor. She is not married and has three children and four grandchildren. She lives in Tampa.

Juror 12: White male, 49. He works for a railroad and lives in Lutz with his wife. They have two children. He said he had no knowledge of the case.

Juror 13: White male, 19. He lives in Tampa, works for a small local company and is

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