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Will the Giants ever face a better defense than the one they'll see in today's Super Bowl? Quoth the Ravens . . . Nevermore. Story

20,000 fans ‘Experience’ long lines at theme park
The buzzword about the NFL Experience on Saturday was traffic -- human and automotive. Story
MTV’s live request show draws screaming NFL fans
Carson Daly, hosting Total Request Live from outside of Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, and 98 Degrees bumped up the excitement level. Story
The toughest 2 minutes
The national anthem, with its octave-and-a-half range and plethora of similar words, can break the best performers. And then there are some who mess it up on purpose. Story
Today’s site springs from bad deal
Perhaps it wasn't quite that genteel. Maybe it was closer to: Story
Who will win the Super Bowl and why?
"The Ravens because of their defense. How's that? See, I've been listening." Story
Dungy likes Baltimore’s old friends
When it comes to predicting a Super Bowl winner, friendship counts more than conference ties for Bucs coach Tony Dungy. Story
NFC guest analyst
AFC guest analyst
Gumbel: QBs must be mistake-free
Simms: D’s, big plays are key
New York Giants’ keys to victory
Baltimore Ravens’ keys to victory
Seven inducted into Hall
Appreciation, surprise and exhilaration are the themes of the day. Story
2001 Hall of Fame inductees
At a glance
The last call?
Sunday could possibly be Trent Dilfer's last game in a Ravens uniform, going from Super Bowl quarterback to possibly another team or, worse, the unemployment line. Story
Starting lines
The Times caught up with the starting players for both Super Bowl teams and posed some off-the-wall questions. Story
Norwood isn’t running from miss
The Super Bowl failure hasn't haunted the kicker, who says he remains proud of his career. Story
The key matchups
Ravens LB Ray Lewis vs. Giants RB Tiki Barber Story
Giants just sticking to what they know
Against a fierce Ravens D, they're hoping their offensive diversity pays off. Story
Not bad being the next-best thing
Giants defense doesn't get the same publicity as Ravens, but it matches up well and knows how to handle a certain ex-Bucs QB. Story
XXV still vivid for Hostetler
Jeff Hostetler is not surprised to see Kerry Collins excelling under Jim Fassel, the Giants coach who has a history of nurturing quarterbacks. Story

Giants all-time team

Giants numbers

There’s only one thing they do well -- win
All Super Bowl week, the Ravens have heard about what their offense can't do, that Trent Dilfer can't be trusted, that Jamal Lewis is wearing down, that they lack the weapons to be successful. Story
Ravens numbers
Regular- and post-season winning percentage of Brian Billick as coach. Story
All-time Ravens, uh, make that Orioles team
The plan was to compile a position-by-position list of the greatest Ravens of all-time. Unfortunately, upon completion, we realized the list looked suspiciously like the current Ravens depth chart. Story
Times visual journalist Don Morris finds Super Bowl week a real sketch. His impressions
Where they are
Team hotels, practice sites, headquarters for the next week in Tampa. List
Celebrity watch
Spotted Friday night at the NFL Players Party at the Cuban Club in Ybor City... Story
Ybor awash with flood of humanity
9 p.m. Friday, the lobby bar at the Hyatt Regency Westshore. Story
XXXV reasons Florida is the center of the football universe
XXXV Pop Warner Super Bowl held annually at Disney's Wide World of Sports. Story
Celebrity predictions
Jeff Blake: "I think New York wins 13-10. It'll be at least close enough to kick field goals." Story
What they’re saying
Major league? Getting there Story
For a select few, a fantasy come true
Men stood in line Saturday night to have their pictures taken with the three blonds in red dresses. Story
Gasparilla Supersized
With an international audience swelled by the Super Bowl, the downtown pirate invasion thrills a record crowd. Story

First party, then play
The city has hosted two Super Bowls before, but its punch bowl was never as full as it was Saturday. Story
Super ticket search continues at festival
As Gasparilla got under way Saturday, dozens meandered through the mob holding out hope they could score Super Bowl tickets in the waning hours before Sunday's game. Story
Want to avoid back-ups? Leave early
Despite efforts to maintain flow, planners say fans should arrive three hours early. And those trying to get around the stadium should use back roads. Story
Tampa scores before game
Reviews leading up to game day have been favorable, an improvement over Tampa's last tour as Super Bowl host. Story
St. Petersburg events fall far short of goals
Concerts and festivals are lightly attended. Some blame the events in Tampa and some blame poor marketing. Story
Sparse crowd gathers for Jazz Bowl

Fans brave the cool weather and wait through a delay to hear the musical performances. Story
Here’s a game tip: Don't wager on it
With the Super Bowl in town, detectives in Pinellas have stepped up enforcement of gambling rules. Story
What you’re saying
Who will win the big game? What should first-time visitors to Tampa Bay do with their free time? Times Super Bowl forum
CBS exults in game’s return after 9-year hiatus
So what if ratings for CBS' pregame show dropped 10 percent this season, and the overnight ratings for the AFC and NFC championship games hit an all-time low? Story
The broadcast
What’s on TV
TV/radio facts and figures

Inspired by the famous science fiction classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, we gaze ahead for a glimpse of what we envision professional football's "ultimate game'' will be like 100 years from now. Special Section
Bucs can only wonder: What if?
Around here, Warren Sapp is fond of bellowing, when an NFL opponent threatens the Bucs in Tampa, "Not in our house!" Hubert Mizell column
On center stage: Trent Dilfer
Trent Dilfer, this is your day. Gary Shelton column
They came, they saw and they got the story half-right
Before the elite of the national sports press corps departs Tampa, I would like to correct one misapprehension. Mary Jo Melone column
Vikings’ Culpepper counts his blessings
Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper talks with staff writer Roger Mills about adoption, feats of strength and loving life. Roger Mills Q&A
Official site is built for size
For the past week, people walking in the Tampa Convention Center have stopped in front of the room where the official site for Super Bowl XXXV is being produced. Surfing the net
Redskins RB’s thrill? Meeting R&B star
R&B singer R. Kelly had no idea he was about to meet his biggest fan Friday night. Kelly was playing in a Super Bowl celebrity basketball tournament at the University of Tampa when his biggest fan approached him before the game. Darrell Fry column

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