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Year in Review: 2001
2001: Year in Review
Deaths of note in 2001

  Awareness Altered

  Rarely has the calendar proven such an unreliable ally in our perception of time.

Everything that came before the 11th of September recedes in memory, as if it happened years ago, in a different time and place. Story

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Revisit the top news events of 2001 through year-end coverage from the staff of the St. Petersburg Times.

2001 Timeline

Sept. 11 terror attacks
Sept. 11 The Times' Extra Edition
America Under Attack:

Photo gallery
Sept. 12
Sept. 12 home page
Bin Laden says he’s pleased but not involved
Sept. 14
Terrorists may have trained in Florida
Sept. 17
Monday on Wall St.: A day unlike any other
Sept. 20
Bush to Congress: "This the world’s fight; this is civilization’s fight"
Pa. Gov. Ridge named terrorism czar

Sept. 27

National Guard gets call for airport duty

Multimedia reports

Sept. 11 -- Dec. 9
Interactive graphics

America Strikes Back:
The war in Afghanistan
Oct. 7
Military strikes under way; Bush cites international support
Nov. 9
Afghan rebels take Mazar-e-Sharif
Nov. 13
Taliban flee; Kabul is festive, free
Nov. 14
U.S. aid workers freed from Taliban’s grasp
Nov. 25
CIA officer is first combat death
Dec. 5
Friendly fire kills 3 Green Berets in fight for Kandahar
Dec. 7
Taliban fleeing Kandahar

Anthrax attacks
Oct. 11
Anthrax fatality is likely isolated
Nov. 16
Second anthrax-tainted envelope to Capitol Hill found


Take a look back at 2001 through the lenses and thoughts of St. Petersburg Times photographers. Photo gallery

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  2001: The Year in Pictures: Life's like that













One death, then thousands mar year in sports
The world of sports is supposed to enable us to put aside the real world, to engage in the fantasy of believing that victory and defeat really are as important as life or death.

Sports figures who died in 2001
In our mind's eye, we still see them behind the wheel heading for a checkered flag, on a sideline masterminding another victory, on the field swinging for the fences, hitting the jumper, breaking through the line, chipping to the green ... or we still can hear voices and sounds coming out of speakers so brilliantly that we saw what they were seeing and believe we were actually there.

Trigaux: Oops, they did it again
From the accounting woes and eventual demise of Enron to the pulling of J.C. Penney's provocative ads, 2001 was a blunder-ful year for American companies.

Top Corporate blunders of 2001
In the Tampa Bay area and Florida

The Year in Business
A sampling of major events in business, around Tampa Bay and nationally, during 2001:

Reflecting on a year of change for all of us
From wearing gloves at work to collecting money for victims to a fear of flying to more patriotism and love, the attacks affected everyone.

What were we thinking?
Tragedy and heartache marked 2001, to be sure. The effects of the worst terrorism attack on American soil rippled throughout the country, even here in Pinellas County.

Witness to tragedy must leave New York
After experiencing the Sept. 11 attacks, a young professional woman decides to take some time away from the city.

People move out for industry to move in
A long-established bakery and other residents are leaving to make room for a project of the planned Dome Industrial District.

Monumental duties for busboy taper off after 9/11 tragedy
His Lady of Liberty-wrapped leftovers were a hit in the fall with Arigato Japanese Steakhouse customers.

Tails wag over city's first two dog parks
Owners like them, too, so officials plan to open more in other areas of St. Petersburg, if nearby residents approve.

Couple welcome their son the sailor
Events of Sept. 11 make the homecoming of Greg Hatfield, assigned to the USS Kearsarge, that much sweeter.

A decade later, cat still rules City Hall
When he showed up at Seminole City Hall 11 years ago, Fred was a scrawny stray. After years of care and attention, he's now a well-fed fixture.

New truck returns volunteer to her job
Her stolen truck put the brakes on the Horses and the Handicapped program. Now she's back in the saddle.

Peddling a doctrine of tolerance for bikes
While a bicycle activist continues to rack up traffic tickets for riding in the middle of the street, her efforts are improving motorists' attitudes, she says.

Big crowds streaming into new Wal-Mart
Pinellas Park wasn't the first choice as the site for a supercenter, but hordes of shoppers don't seem to mind.

Brain surgery barely slows Trexler
The City Council member goes back to work full time and never skips a council meeting despite having a tumor removed.

Lotto win meant no big change for couple
Sure, they bought a waterfront home and a Lincoln Town Car, but not much else has changed, they say. Yes, they still buy tickets.

With a little love, tennis center now thriving
The St. Petersburg facility may have lost some city funding, but it has gained new support and new members.

Champion band found time to try for record
The 2001 Festival of States best of show winner from Minnesota challenged a Guinness World Records' entry for building the world's largest hourglass.

As eviction looms, she returns to the corner
A mother uses a sign to appeal for donations from passers-by, who helped her and her four children keep their home in the summer.

Naughty turns nice in light of holidays
A Redington Shores resident with a history of annoying his neighbors appears to turn over a new leaf -- for now.

Retired coach keeps busy -- relaxing
A former St. Petersburg Masters swim coach is living in England, enjoying the change of the seasons, taking long walks -- and occasionally missing St. Petersburg.

Student recovers from zero tolerance
Crystal Little was devastated after her suspension from Osceola High for drinking. But with encouragement from her mom, she is taking classes at PTEC.

City has plans for making drains safe
Tentative plans call for a fence and warning signs at the drain pipe in Allendale Park, where a 13-year-old girl was killed in 1997.

At 93, woman becomes an activist
Isabelle Maxwell organizes a letter-writing campaign to state officials to protest a plan to install cameras in nursing home bathrooms and bedrooms.

North of Tampa
2001: Whatever happened to ...

Children's Services welcomes new facility
LAKE MAGDALENE -- Nearly a year after construction began on its new 11,000-square-foot multipurpose building, Hillsborough County Children's Services recently dedicated the $1.4-million facility.

Grass not always greener on other side
CARROLLWOOD -- When Peggy and Bill Cottrill changed out their front lawn for a garden, they were looking for a way to stop drivers from using their yard as a shortcut around a 90-degree curve on Orange Grove Drive.

Three lakes restocked after error kills fish
CARROLLWOOD -- Three lakes in an area near Fletcher and Armenia avenues that lost most of their fish because of a chemical error in February soon should have plenty of them.

Trapper was joined by bobcats in pig hunt
COUNTRYWAY -- On his last day of work as a wild boar trapper in Countryway last March, Jeff Yorns looked straight into the eyes of a bobcat.

Neighbors keep apart after trial airs on TV
Two couples' paths don't cross after their appearance on Judge Judy.

New plaza to contain McDonalds restaurant
WESTCHASE -- Homeowners here spent much of 2001 debating the pro's (fun, convenience) and cons (fat, traffic) of a McDonald's restaurant.

Concert planners craft new venture
WESTCHASE -- Maria Kletchka loved Westchase but thought something was missing. "I thought we needed some live music in the park," said Kletchka, who lives in the Fords neighborhood.

A year we will long remember
Looking back on 2001, we remember huge international stories and not-so-huge local ones.

Lake shore lot dispute is finally resolved
LUTZ -- After a year of wrangling, Robert and Phyllis Wight finally unbought their lot in the Lakes of Wellington.

Odessa: Always golden
Two students who competed in the Special Olympics make progress in Walker Middle School's autistic class, and one moves up to Sickles High.

Carrollwood: Residents start newsletter to vent discontent
The Real Thing for Plantation Residents is a vehicle to air concerns and grievances.

Carrollwood: Almost on a whim, store owners expand
When competitors retired, two Carrollwood entrepreneurs saw their chance to expand their sewing business.

Lutz: Poultry in motion
Officer Chicken is still guarding the roost. With no training at all, she learned to wing it and continues to scratch out a living in Cheval.

Keystone: More novels in the cards
Jim Swain is quick with cards. Just as quick was the success of his first gambling mystery, and two more are planned.

Keystone: Online shop nears first birthday
A mother of three operates a Web business from her home that sends packages to kids.

Northdale: Taking two big steps after graduation
A brother and sister, both Gaither High graduates in June, choose separate paths for their new lives.

New Tampa: Crane shot by nail gun is on the mend
The bird will likely have some permanent damage and may be released in mid to late January, at the earliest.

Westchase: Still growing
Heliconias Are Us has added clients, a Web site and a larger truck as the exotic flower business spreads across the bay area.

Westchase: Delays push new signal into new year
The light was expected to be in place this month, but installers discovered an underground power line had to be moved.

The Year in Review

Horse hurt in I-75 wreck survives eight hard weeks
California Girl's show days are over, but her Melbourne owner hopes to breed her.

Wave bye-bye to the Somoano quintuplets
WESLEY CHAPEL -- Life is changing all the time for the Somoano quintuplets. Now 20 months old, they are beginning to walk and talk. They're getting bigger, stronger and more independent.

Graduate school may be in her future
Dorothy Mancini earned her bachelor's degree from the University of South Florida in May.

Taylor working hard at just being a kid
The 6-year-old continues her fight against cancer and tries to squeeze in time at school.

Explorers' next journey includes cave mystery
Underwater caves in Mexico are next up for a couple that went to Antarctica this year.

Schools dealt obstacles in difficult year
After a round of cutbacks this year, more may lie ahead.

Dade City basked in light of sporting events
DADE CITY -- In a year when the ups and downs of small-town life suddenly seemed dwarfed by the enormity of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, Dade City and its neighbors marked time with new projects and old traditions.

New makes the news in 2001
Pasco County got a lot of new things in 2001.

Neighbors, pagans learn to coexist
DADE CITY -- When Dottye Anderson and fiance Jim Blake proposed opening a pagan retreat on a rural farm outside Dade City, neighbors were less than thrilled.

Budget cuts peril PHCC's rapid track
The past year at Pasco-Hernando Community College can be summed up in two paradoxical words: growth and cuts.

Sports 2001: Year in review, Part 1

Sports 2001: Year in review, Part 2

Growing county sought dollars
Labeled by some as the builders' buddy, Pasco County spent much of 2001 trying to sand down the rougher edges of rapid growth.

Odd and otter: Stories stayed strange in 2001
What comes out of Pasco County?

Family hopes for firefighter's recovery
SHADY HILLS -- A week before Christmas, Emiko and David Sota already knew where they would open their gifts.

We mourn familiar figures
A former mayor, a university founder, community leaders and law enforcement officers died.

Father stays part of growing family
The man nearly went to prison for having sex in 1999 with the 14-year-old who is now his wife.

Giving is up, so are homeless
Sept. 11 brought out the best in people, while the census shows the homeless population on the rise.

The Year in Review

Arrests put a major dent in county crime
They looked into the camera lens and smiled as they posed near 13 cardboard boxes filled with 600 pounds of marijuana.

Residents mourn loss of several key people
The following notable Hernando County residents died in 2001:

Year's news stretched from oddity to tragedy
The tiger's eyes were gold, its hair straight as it moved suddenly inside a wooden pen.

Other news from 2001
These stories also made headlines in Hernando County during the year:

Spring Hill fire board forces chief to retire
SPRING HILL -- After a tumultuous year in which he twice was reprimanded publicly for mishandling taxpayer money, then kicked off the district's negotiating team during union contract talks, Chief Mike Morgan was forced into early retirement in November by fire commissioners.

A fantastic 'Hello' and a few sad goodbyes
If it's the end of the year, it must be time for a Favorite-Moments-in-Arts-and-Foods column.

Businesses, commuters celebrate new artery
The Suncoast Parkway offers an easier drive to Tampa, but there is some opposition to additional expansion of the road.

Water plan tied up in ethics questions
The idea was to protect water resources, but the intent was eclipsed by questions about the propriety of the methods used.

Out with Sanders, in with Tellone
The school superintendent of six years ultimately sniffs out a sweet deal in Lee County.

Hospital moving plans stir up ill will
Brooksville Regional Hospital's proposal attracted swift opposition from some east county residents and a competitor.

For some, terror hit home
New York transplants watched in horror, as did most people. But for a few, the losses were personal.

The Year in Review

Fragile species among top newsmakers
The environment figured big in the news of last year, especially species such as the manatee, whooping crane and bay scallop.

Miles away, Sept. 11 hits home
The terrorists attacked in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. But the effects of their evil sounded throughout the land. Even in Citrus County.

Other headlines included census figures, weather
Editor's note: During the course of a year, there are a number of news events that don't fit into any particular category when doing a year-end wrapup. The following is a compilation of such events that made headlines in Citrus County in 2001.

A winning record
LECANTO -- One game doesn't make a season, but it sure can jump-start one.

Rest of best
Hampton makes All-Star team: After signing a record $121-million, eight-year contract, Homosassa native and Crystal River graduate Mike Hampton, a left-handed pitcher, quickly made an impact with the National League's Colorado Rockies.

Tumult marks schools’ 2001
Prayers, hirings, firings and expulsions led to meetings that alternated between worship and incivility. And that was before the budget crisis.

2001: From city manager saga to wedding bail
Each year, there are major news stories that dominate the headlines, events that change the community we live in.

2001: A strange, terrifying year
INVERNESS -- The morning of Sept. 11 started with a local tragedy and ended with a national one.

Sept. 11: The day terrorism hit home
Security became an immediate top priority for officials at the Crystal River nuclear power plant.

2000: The Year in Review

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