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Lyons cited for Tierra Verde home

Times staff writer

©St. Petersburg Times, published October 14, 1997

ST. PETERSBURG -- The Rev. Henry J. Lyons and Bernice V. Edwards were cited Monday by county inspectors for a poor paint job and a dirty swimming pool at the $700,000 house they own on Tierra Verde.

Lyons, head of the National Baptist Convention USA Inc., and Edwards, a convicted embezzler, must pay a $310 fine.

Two uniformed inspectors from the Pinellas Department of Environmental Management arrived at the waterfront home shortly before 4 p.m. Monday. They stood in the front yard, studied the front door, walls and garage door. In the back yard, they took snapshots and conferred beside the swimming pool, where the water was dark green.

The inspection was over in five minutes.

"It is still in violation," concluded Larry Lara, an inspector supervisor.

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