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National Baptist Convention USA

From The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal:
House in foreclosure; accounts, assets of Lyons, others seized

Rev. Henry Lyons’ troubles were sparked in July 1997 with arson at a home he is alleged to own with a woman other than his wife. After a series of reports by the St. Petersburg Times and an investigation by state prosecutors, the leader of America’s largest black Baptist church group was charged with racketeering and grand theft. He has pleaded innocent. A year after that fateful fire, federal prosecutors indicted the St. Petersburg pastor, accusing him of fraud, extortion, money laundering, consipracy and tax evasion.

From the beginning, the St. Petersburg Times has reported on the Lyons case, which is chronicled in this comprehensive archive of stories (some with pictures). The latest reports appear at the top of our Lyons Chronicles index.

The latest
Tape details Lyons' fund demands
He is heard insisting that a funeral company finance an expensive "image recovery" campaign. [1/8]

Bernice Edwards accused of shoplifting
Just weeks before her trial on a state racketeering charge, Bernice Edwards visited a suburban Milwaukee store and stole a pair of $140 sunglasses, police say. [1/7]

Newest Lyons attorney will work free for team
LARGO -- Since federal prosecutors froze his assets, the Rev. Henry J. Lyons may no longer be able to afford O.J. Simpson defender F. Lee Bailey. [1/5]

Lyons' attorney a natural in court
"He's not afraid to tee it up and go to trial, and he wins more than he loses," a former prosecutor says. [1/4]

Edwards, Lyons to be tried together
A judge rejects a request to move Bernice Edwards' trial out of the Tampa Bay area. [12/16]

Lyons asked for forgiveness from the crowd at Enoch Davis Center in St. Petersburg on Dec. 1. [Times photo: Pam Royal]
'2 trials sought in Lyons inquiry
An attorney wants a separate trial for the minister's codefendant, saying that Lyons himself might testify on Bernice Edwards' behalf. [12/5]

This is not the act of a thief!' Lyons tells an audience of 130
In an evening of contrition and redemption, the Rev. Henry J. Lyons tells a St. Petersburg crowd that many good deeds go unnoticed. [12/2]

Nov. 22, 1998

The struggle for the soul of Henry Lyons
To many of his followers in the National Baptist Convention USA, the troubles of the Rev. Henry Lyons have come as a terrible shock. How, they wonder, could such a gifted man go so wrong? The answers lie in the shadows of his past.
Illustration of Henry Lyons
Story by Mike Wilson
Artwork by Cristina Martinez

More of the Times' coverage

Election agency won't pursue ally of Lyons (Nov. 26, 1998)
ndictment of Lyons is upheld (Oct. 31, 1998)
Irvin set to go solo in defense of Lyons (Sept. 18, 1998)
Lyons asks, and he receives
(Sept. 11, 1998)
Lyons announces bid for re-election
(Sept. 10, 1998)
Why his church still backs Rev. Lyons (Sept. 9, 1998)
Prosecutors oppose split of Lyons counts
Lyons admits affair with church aide (Sept. 8, 1998)
Baptists mull fate of Lyons
(Sept. 7, 1998)
Anatomy of a swindle:
The Rev. Henry J. Lyons and the Loewen Group

(Aug. 30, 1998)
Goal of motion is to dismiss charges
(Aug. 29, 1998)
Lyons' federal trial may start in fall (Aug. 8, 1998)
Rep. Brown explains check from Lyons (July 28, 1998)
Lyons project hit with 2nd foreclosure action (July 25, 1998)
Judge McCoun
Judge to Lyons: "I'm going to throw your butt in jail"
(July 24, 1998)
Bernice Edwards pleads innocent (July 23, 1998)
Ex-Va. leader decries Lyons(July 16, 1998)
Lyons' Tierra Verde home faces foreclosure
(July 14, 1998)
An Editorial Cartoon by Don Addis(July 9, 1998)
Bill Maxwell: Living large off the little people(July 8, 1998)
Lyons' flock pledges faith (July 7, 1998)
Donations fed Lyons' account (July 6, 1998)
Lyons indicted on federal charges (July 3, 1998)
Indictments draw show of support, new calls for removal
Banking records cannot be sealed, judge rules
Records portray Brenda Harris in an extravagant lifestyle
Lyons' lawyer expects a federal indictment (June 26, 1998)
Board stands behind Lyons with donations (June 25, 1998)
Edwards' spending flouted rules, records state (June 23, 1998)
Lyons' aide able to elude investigators(June 19, 1998)
Key witness' suit claims harassment by Lyons (May 28, 1998)
Lyons spread millions to himself, others (May 17, 1998)
Lyons' house for sale (May 14, 1998)
Officials talk to Lyons' secretary (May 13, 1998)
Lawyer expresses relief after leaving Lyons case
(May 7, 1998)
Report in Lyons case alleges forgeries
Rev. Moon
(April 30, 1998)
Scenes from a scandal (April 30, 1998)
Lyons considers Baptist link to Rev. Moon
(April 29, 1998)
Letters fly in fund-raising feud (April 18, 1998)
Lawmaker got $10,000 from Lyons fund
(April 14, 1998)
Lyons attorneys ask for dismissal of charges (April 4, 1998)
Despite protest, Lyons will speak (April 3, 1998)
Rev. Lyons, Edwards plead innocent
to all charges
(March 17, 1998)
Lyons set to plead innocent in person (March 14, 1998)
Defense cites religion, race in Lyons case (March 4, 1998)
Edwards in town, booked, released (Feb. 28, 1998)
Lyons vows to fight charges (Feb. 27, 1998)
Court suspends Lyons attorney
Lyons arrested (Feb. 26, 1998)
Congregation stands by pastor of 25 years
Some excerpts from the 82-page arrest affidavit The charges
Forgeries put Lyons in the center of it all (Feb. 25, 1998)
Secretary's writing linked to signature (Feb. 20, 1998)
Deborah Lyons lambastes news media (Feb. 13, 1998)
Lyons hires F. Lee Bailey (Feb. 12, 1998)
Bailey's high-profile cases often put him in the spotlight (Feb. 12, 1998)
Lyons' crisis cuts funds for college (Feb. 7, 1998)
Lyons' tax reports are called incomplete (Feb. 6, 1998)
Probe into Lyons' financial deal sits snag (Jan. 23, 1998)
Group pledges support to Lyons (Jan. 22, 1998)
About Lyons, Jesse Jackson has little to say (Jan. 21, 1998)
IRS files lien against Bernice Edwards (Jan. 16, 1998)
Lyons probe is watched closely (Jan. 13, 1998)
Lyons grand jury focusing on forgeries (Jan. 9, 1998)
Lyons' wife asks mayor for help (Jan. 7, 1998)
The Henry Lyons Story (Dec. 28, 1997)
Lyons' secretary testifies (Dec. 19, 1997)
Connecticut Baptist leaders protest Lyons (Dec. 17, 1997)
Subpoena for records overwhelms Baptists (Dec. 12, 1997)
Lyons' friend puts her house on the market (Dec. 10, 1997)
Elijah Gosier column: Lyons is left with shame of wasted blessings (Dec. 6, 1997)
Grand jury subpoenas Lyons' tax records (Dec. 5, 1997)
I have sinned (Dec. 4, 1997)
Text of Rev. Henry Lyons' statement (Dec. 4, 1997)
Lyons' attorneys are a diverse trio (Dec. 4, 1997)
Church may put assets on the line (Dec. 3, 1997)
Inquiry targets Lyons venture (Dec. 2, 1997)
Rev. Lyons preaches a good game (Nov. 26, 1997)
Nigeria sent cash to Lyons fund (Nov. 25, 1997)
Attorney's statement (Nov. 25, 1997)
Deborah Lyons switches jobs (Nov. 18, 1997)
Editorial: The Lyons liability (Nov. 13, 1997)
NAACP asks Lyons to leave its board (Nov. 11, 1997)
FBI in Milwaukee joins Lyons investigation (Nov. 8, 1997)
Lyons' friend kept secret account (Nov. 6, 1997)
Lyons' friend was under financial restrictions (Nov. 6, 1997)
Lyons pays $310 in fines for housing violations (Oct. 30, 1997)
Lyons' case spurs officials to rethink grant process (Oct. 29, 1997)
Lyons' Big Lie (Oct. 25, 1997)
In Mississippi, deal with funeral home giant helped sway a jury (Oct. 25, 1997)
Mrs. Lyons pleads guilty to arson, gets probation (Oct. 21, 1997)
More photos of the fire at Rev. Lyons' waterfront estate (Oct. 21, 1997)
Church summit raises cash for Lyons (Oct. 16, 1997)
Lyons cited for Tierra Verde home (Oct. 14, 1997)
Lyons could get cited over house repairs (Oct. 11, 1997)
Lyons' friend says he didn't get money (Oct. 10, 1997)
Lyons defiant, conciliatory in TV interview (Oct. 1, 1997)
Council orders audit into Lyons ties (Oct. 1, 1997)
Baptist official says signature is fake (Sept. 26, 1997)
Lyons backers: Others misused donations (Sept. 20, 1997)
Lyons overstated gifts to colleges by $345,000 (Sept. 19, 1997)
Bank loan secured with forged papers (Sept. 18, 1997)
Baptists sued for failing to repay loan (Sept. 17, 1997)
Lyons says churches did not need money (Sept. 16, 1997)
Lyons losing support of black caucus in Congress (Sept. 14, 1997)
Letters: Let's stop using race as an excuse (Sept. 14, 1997)
Churches received only 25% of money (Sept. 13, 1997)
Editorial: How low can Lyons go? (Sept. 13, 1997)
League asks Lyons what became of its donation (Sept. 12, 1997)
Column: Lyons plays race card, but who dealt it? (Sept. 10, 1997)
Forgiven, Lyons returns to flock (Sept. 8, 1997)
Deborah Lyons basks in goodwill (Sept. 8, 1997)
Job secure, Lyons turns to preaching (Sept. 4, 1997)
Ouster attempt fails; Lyons wins (Sept. 4, 1997)
Lyons' backers successfully use race as political strategy (Sept. 4, 1997)
Editorial: No act of contrition (Sept. 4, 1997)
Vote backs Lyons; foes vow to fight (Sept. 3, 1997)
Suspect in Lyons death plot leaves jail (Sept. 3, 1997)
Vote of confidence boosts Lyons (Sept. 2, 1997)
The cast of supporters and critics (Sept. 2, 1997)
Lyons prepares to face the flock (Sept. 1, 1997)
As convention looms, answers elude Lyons (Aug. 29, 1997)
Lyons shares the wealth with Rev. Demps (Aug. 29, 1997)
How the money from corporations was split (Aug. 29, 1997)
Lyons details deals' steep commissions (Aug. 28, 1997)
Democrats' money took unusual route (Aug. 28, 1997)
Rev. Lyons goes on-air to apologize, plead case (Aug. 28, 1997)


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