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The Trial
A Ministry in Question
: pre-trial coverage from the Times

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National Baptist Convention USA

From The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
House in foreclosure; accounts, assets of Lyons, others seized

Lyons resigns NBC post

Supporters stand with the Rev. Henry Lyons outside his St. Petersburg church after he announced his resignation as NBC president on Tuesday, March 16. [Times photo: Brian Baer]

Rev. Henry Lyons, leader of the National Baptist Convention (NBC), America’s largest black Baptist church group, saw his troubles begin in July 1997 with
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arson at a home he is alleged to own with a woman other than his wife. After a series of reports by the St. Petersburg Times and an investigation by state prosecutors, Lyons was charged with racketeering and grand theft. He pleaded innocent. A year after that fateful fire, federal prosecutors indicted the St. Petersburg pastor, accusing him of fraud, extortion, money laundering, conspiracy and tax evasion. In February, a jury convicted Lyons of the state charges.

From the beginning, the St. Petersburg Times has reported on the Lyons case, which is chronicled in this comprehensive archive of stories (some with pictures).

Brenda Harris leaves Federal Court. [Times photo: Fred Victorin]
Latest stories
Lyons' victim seeking shelter from creditors

Loewen Group, which played a central role in the Henry J. Lyons saga, is $2.3-billion in debt. [6/2]

Lyons drops appeal, accepts responsibility
The Rev. Henry J. Lyons has abandoned the last shred of resistance against the criminal charges that landed him in prison and says he wants to take responsibility for his behavior. [6/2]

Lyons appeals Florida conviction
The former head of the National Baptist Convention says several mistakes were made in his trial. [5/1]

Lyons' wife not allowed on visitor list
An attorney for the Rev. Henry J. Lyons says his client won't protest the rule. [4/30]

In final analysis, Lyons prosecutors praised
Members of the legal community say State Attorney Bernie McCabe, in particular, and federal prosecutors came out shining. [4/19]

Prisoner Henry Lyons
Lyons serves his first two weeks in prison alone
Solitary confinement kept him safe as he awaited assignment, prison officials say. [4/14]

Aide's plea ends case and Lyons prosecution
TAMPA -- Brenda D. Harris, whose affair with fallen Baptist leader Henry J. Lyons scandalized his National Baptist Convention USA, pleaded guilty Monday to a lone federal charge in a plea agreement that probably will keep her out of prison.

'I hate that I've hurt so many people'
A repentant Rev. Henry Lyons gives up the presidency of the National Baptist Convention. [3/17]

Lyons plans another national apology
First, there was Connie. Now come Katie and Matt.

On TV, Lyons says: 'Let's get on with it'
The head of the National Baptist Convention USA says he disgraced his church and will resign today.

A knot of supporters gathered moments before Lyons made his appearance at Tuesday's news conference in St. Petersburg. [Times photo: Boyzell Hosey]
Mary Jo Melone
When God calls, with his hand stuck out

Whatever else may be said of the Rev. Henry Lyons, he is a con man of principle.

Report: Lyons to step down
In an interview to air tonight, the minister tells ABC News that it is time for the needs of the National Baptist Convention to come first. [3/15]

Lyons' lawyer asks out of trial

Lyons' federal trial scheduled to start April 7
TAMPA -- Jury selection in the federal trial of the Rev. Henry J. Lyons and two of Lyons' associates will begin April 7, U.S. District Judge Henry Lee Adams Jr. has decided. [3/10]

Lyons jurors file suits after losing their jobs
The two women allege that they were fired because of their jury service. [3/10]

Lyons, directors to meet to consider options
The Rev. Henry J. Lyons, after being urged by key supporters Monday night not to resign as president of the National Baptist Convention USA, will convene a special meeting of his board of directors on March 16 to discuss his future. [3/3]

Supporter urges Lyons not to resign presidency of NBC
A California minister says Henry Lyons didn't get a fair trial. [3/2]

Lyons gets handshakes, hugs at church
The Rev. Henry J. Lyons stops in at Bethel Metropolitan before his stepgrandmother's funeral.

Trial coverage from the Times

Pre-trial coverage from the Times

grady irvin says he can't defend the minister in april's federal trial, but observers doubt his motion will be granted.

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