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REVIEW: Pajama Sam2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't so Frightening


© St. Petersburg Times, published August 24, 1998

Every once in a while an educational CD clearly distinguishes itself from the pack, and Pajama Sam's latest adventure falls squarely in this category.

Like lots of kids, Sam is terrified of thunder and lightning. But after watching a super-hero television show, Sam decides it's time to tackle his fear. With an emphatic, "Thunder and lightning aren't so frightening," our little hero journeys to World Wide Weather, the storm factory in the sky.

There, Sam meets Thunder and Lightning and finds they're rather likable characters. But the relationship gets off to a rocky start when Sam trips into their control-room computer and turns the world's weather upside down. It snows in Saigon and hails in Honolulu. Thunder and Lightning are almost reduced to tears at the thought of Mother Nature finding out.

It's up to your children to help Sam bring the weather under control. And that's where the fun begins. Your screen comes alive as Sam visits 40 locations in World Wide Weather's factory, warehouse and corporate offices. Sam meets an array of interesting characters along the way. There's Andrew Glimmer, the paranoid stapler, Langston Popsicle III, the dapper snowman, and Y-Pipe, the ever-inquisitive plumbing supply.

What makes this program so good is its powerful animation -- I felt as if I were watching a television cartoon -- fun music and the subtle way it goes about teaching problem solving, critical thinking and memory skills.

If your children are like mine, they'll clamor for the chance to play Pajama Sam. That's if they don't first find you playing it.


Company: Humongous Entertainmen

Suggested price: $29.99

Ages: 3 to 8

Minimum system requirements: Windows 3.1, Windows 95; 486/33 MHz; 8 MB RAM; 2X CD-ROM; SVGA (640 X 480, 256 colors) graphics; Windows 3.1 or higher sound card.

Macintosh: Minimum 25 MHz 68040 or PowerPC; 8MB RAM; 640 X 480 256-color video display; System 7.0 or higher; 2X CD-ROM.

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