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This fix may be key to unlocking system



© St. Petersburg Times, published August 24, 1998

Q. I have a problem with my system locking up, running Windows 95. When it happens, my only option is to hit cont/alt/delete. After much experimenting, the one that works the best is to choose "Rnaapp."

A. Rnaapp is part of Dial-Up Networking (DUN). Try Removing DUN (Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs) and then reinstalling. If this doesn't work, try the DUN upgrade fix at: http://backoffice.microsoft.com/downtrial/moreinfo/win95pptp.asp

Also, if you are configured for a network but are not using one, then remove the network capability (right click Network neighborhood, Properties) and a Rnaapp hang will occur less frequently.

* * *

Q. I deleted some files but the error messages I get are a bit different from those in the July 27 column. The first message ends with: If you still want to use the application associated with this device file, try reinstalling that application to replace the missing file. c:\tib\bin\vtcprac.386 Press a key to continue. After I press a key, the original message stays but the following is added: c:\tib\bin\vntspsd.386 Press a key to continue. After I press a key again, the previous message again stays and the following is added: c:\tib\bin\vntstimd.exe Press a key to continue. When I go to search out any of the three mentioned files to place the semicolon at the beginning of the line, I get a message that no files were found.

A. Perhaps you have misunderstood. The files are most likely not on your system. You need to edit the System.ini file, find the lines that reference these files, and place the semicolon at the beginning of the line. That should take care of the error messages at boot time.

* * *

Q. How do I delete file icons that appear in Startup even after the files themselves have been deleted?

A. To delete the icons (shortcuts) in the Startup menu, right-click the Start button, select Explore, double-click Programs, double-click Startup. You will then be able to delete the shortcuts the same as you would any other file.

* * *

Q. I have followed the procedure to install a password in Windows 95. When the computer boots up, the password box comes on, but I can bypass this by using escape. What do I do to make it work properly?

A. The Windows Logon is a little misleading. It is not meant to prevent access, only to provide for different user settings and/or provide validation for network access. Remember, there is nothing to prevent someone from booting from a floppy and gaining access to anything on the hard drive. If you need to secure access to your PC, consider using a CMOS password (check your system board documentation) or using Windows NT.

* * *

Q. Since I loaded Internet Explorer 4.0 and Outlook Express (which replaced Internet Explorer 3.0.2 and Internet Mail) I cannot get Windows Messaging and Microsoft Fax to work. The Windows Messaging logo comes up and then immediately disappears. Can Windows Messaging and Fax be used with IE 4.0 and Outlook Express?

A. Try reinstalling Internet Explorer after installing Windows Messaging.

* * *

Q. I downloaded RealAudio player Version 5.0 and was told to delete the RA player execute file. Now I need it back, and I don't know how to reinstall it. I don't know where to find it.

A. If you cannot download the necessary file from Real Networks (www.real.com), then try right-clicking on your Recycle Bin desktop icon. If the deleted file is still there, right-click and select restore. This will undelete it.

* * *

Q. How can I permanently delete addresses from the browser bar?

Q. I try out various Web sites, and they all accumulate on the Address drop-down list of Internet Explorer. I have tried unsuccessfully to delete those I do not want.

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