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July 27, 1998 Click here for directory

Equal access
The Suncoast Free-Net, accessible from every library in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, operates by the credo of giving everyone equal access to the electronic world.

July 20, 1998

Stopping SPAM
Some estimates suggest as much as 10 percent of the e-mail moving daily on the Internet is spam, costing consumers time and money. A study released by the Federal Trade Commission calls for more disclosure but rejects a ban.

Gussow: Insidious nature of spam hits home

I haven't received much, if any, spam on my home e-mail accounts. My teenage daughter did. And I didn't like it.

More stories:
Lara Croft wannabes fall far short

Now that business people have latched on to the concept of female characters, the rash of copycat games fall far short in quality.

Good movies? I think not

Some newer PCs require 'bus mastering' drivers

Final Fantasy Tactics

July 13, 1998 Click here for directory

Better Business seals its future on the Internet
The consumer protection group takes steps to monitor businesses online, where issues of false claims and security concern consumers.

July 6, 1998 Click here for directory

The value of security gets their attention
The demonstration had a few glitches, but Ed Norris made his point.

Retrogamers are the wave of the future
James Noffz got hooked on Nintendo when it first came out in the '80s. So when he decided to open his own business, his wife's suggestion for a store that sold his favorite old video games seemed perfect.

June 29, 1998 Click here for directory

From online to in-person
Several dozen people from all over North America who met in an Internet forum came face to face during a first-ever get-together at Cedar Key.

June 22, 1998 Click here for directory

Clinging to the Commodore 64
Though the groundbreaking computer that was introduced 16 years ago lacks the bells and whistles of today's PCs, it still has a following.

June 15, 1998 Click here for directory

Zap or be zapped
Backyard showdowns have moved into futuristic arenas, with heroes and villains going high tech in the competitive sport known as laser tag.

Explore the world (without leaving home)
A trip to Washington. Space exploration. Dr. Seuss. It’s all at your child’s fingertips on the Internet, and summer is a great time to let your children show you all of the computer skills that they have learned.

June 8, 1998 Click here for directory

Online business help
A group of retired executives has been dispensing help to small businesses for three decades. Now its providing it over the Internet.

One lightning rod of an article
Thunder rumbled, rain poured and I sat at my home computer, typing.

1998 looks like a good year for games
The recent 1998 Electronics Entertainment Expo in Atlanta had a cornucopia of video games to preview.

June 1, 1998
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Supressing the surge
Martin Uman knows about lightning. He knows its destructive power; he studies its workings. But he can’t say exactly how people should go about protecting their homes and electronics from lightning.

May 18, 1998
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Viral Defense
Computer viruses pose a limited but real threat to your computer and data. Fortunately, keeping your computer infection-free is fairly painless.

Computers-for-children project grows
A seed planted in December with the donation of 200 computers to community groups in St. Petersburg is about to blossom into a citywide effort.

May 11, 1998 Click here for directory

Yep, folks, it's fast.
Speed thrills, at least when it comes to faster connections to the Internet.

May 4, 1998 Click here for directory

Technology and the law
The legal profession finds plenty of advantages, and a few challenges, in tapping the power of technology.

April 27, 1998 Click here for directory

A sneak peek at Windows 98
To upgrade or not to upgrade? Windows 98 is only an incremental improvement over Windows 95, but some new features may make it worth the price.

AOL is a long way away from Hernando

April 20, 1998 Click here for directory

Viable Video
Though still far from seamless, the dream of holding face-to-face meetings from widely separated sites is becoming a reality.

GTE changes plans on Internet

April 13, 1998 Click here for directory

Online crowd goes gray
With more time and money to spare than the younger generation, more and more people of retirement age are finding their way around the Net.

Easter eggs are for real

April 6, 1998
Click here for directory
The sound of music
A musical guide to the World Wide Web.

March 30, 1998

Click here for directory

Sittin' in the captain's chair
If you're lucky enough to land a luxury seat at Tropicana Field, you may feel like you're on the bridge of the startship "Enterprise."

Something for (almost) nothing
Nada. Nothing. Nil. Zilch. Diddly. To paraphrase Julie Andrews, these are just some of my favorite words.

March 2,3 1998 Click here for directory
Smaller, faster, cheaper, better
Jim Barry travels the country showing off electronic gadgets. It's a tough job, but someone needs to deliver James Bond's toys.

March 16, 1998 Click here for directory
A teaching tool

At Bay Point Middle School technology is an everyday tool, not a gee-whiz rarity. And students learn about the gear while they learn their lessons.
March 9, 1998
Click here for directory
Small wonders

Joey Technologies produces software for hand-held computers, compact machines that are starting to come into their own.

March 2, 1998 Click here for directory

The shape of TV's future
Eli Samuels left no doubt about his impressions of high-definition television: "I love it! What? Are you kidding me?"

February 23, 1998 Click here for directory

A high-tech flea market
Buyers hunted bargains from sellers cleaning out their offices at last week's computer swap meet.

February 16, 1998 Click here for directory

Telephones meet the PC
Mark Goodman calls himself an evangelist for “computer telephony,” spreading the word to all who will listen about the virtues of this emerging technology.

February 9, 1998 Click here for directory

A gigabyte out of crime

The FDLE's Computer Evidence Recovery unit digs into hard drives to track down high-tech criminals.

February 2, 1998 Click here for directory

Paradyne rolls out high-capacity modem

LARGO -- Imagine this scene: Mom uses her home computer to connect to the office. Dad surfs the Internet. Their teenager talks to a friend on the phone. Another child prints out a report for school.

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January 26, 1998 Click here for directory

The byword in this
business is
cyber security



January 19, 1998 Click here for directory


Cable modem connections to the Internet are much faster than those over phone lines, and they are available in parts of the bay area.


January 12, 1998 Click here for directory

The beginner's guide to the Web
No home PC is an island. They used to be and that's why they were the realm of the nerd class: serious hard-core geeks with pocket protectors, thick glasses and more pens than a Magic Marker factory. (Okay, that's a stereotype: I don't wear glasses. But I swear the rest is true).

January 5, 1998 Click here for directory

Vision impaired, Web savvy For most people, the Internet is words on a screen. But to those with vision problems, it's BIG words. Or spoken words. And the knowledge that they are not alone.

December 22, 1997
Click here for directory

A devil of a detail: It's a scenario that can turn holiday cheer into holiday jeers: The new computer, just opened and set up, won't work. You check the plugs, you check the manuals, you check your blood pressure.

Getting though is just half the battle: That new computer you bought may be speedy, but chances are that the help available if something goes wrong is not.

December 15, 1997 Click here for directory

The unblinking eye: The latest twist in electronic surveillance uses satellites to track convicted criminals anywhere in the world.

December 8, 1997 Click here for directory

Retailers again grow bullish on the Web: With security concerns waning, some observers predict explosive growth in shop-by-mouse purchases.

December 1, 1997
Click here for directory


A GUIDE TO GADGET GIVING: Here's a list to help you shop for your favorite techno-phile. (Hint: small, but powerful is hot this year.)



November 24, 1997 Click here for directory

SOLUTIONS: Here's the hardware needed to get comfortably on Internet

November 17, 1997 Click here for directory

Software finds facts, then tugs at user's sleeve

November 10, 1997

Have repair cyberkit, will travel

Review: You Don't Know Jack, Vol. 3

Review: Tonka Seach and Rescue

Site Seeing

Club Corner: Take care with printer cartridges


Q & A

November 3, 1997

Dell opens window to computer leases

Software sequel emerges from Myst

Club Corner: If lightning threatens, unplug it



Site-seeing: Nothing like a freebie to get a surfer's attention, and free e-mail services can help avoid hassles if you change providers.

October 27, 1997

Schools plug away for NetDay

Computers, kids and schools: What's your opinion?

Club corner: Fax machine has power edge over fax/modem )


Site Seeings: Halloween sites

October 20, 1997

A new adventure in technology gets under way

Internet has many local doors


Site Seeing


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