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Hurricane facts and figures

Hurricane Andrew
Photo -- National Hurricane Center
Satellite photo of Hurricane Andrew hitting the coast of Florida.
When it comes to hurricanes, get the facts on hurricanes -- past and present .

Storms of the century
List of hurricanes that have hit Florida this century.

A hurricane in the making
How are hurricanes formed? Find out in living color.

From these tiny islands. . .
The Cape Verde Islands are home to many mighty storms that pound Florida.

And the names for '99 are. . .
And we don't mean baby names. Take a peek at the names this year and learn how hurricanes are assigned monikers.

The deadliest hurricanes to hit the U.S.
See the toll hurricanes take on human life.

A vulnerable coast
What makes the Tampa Bay area susceptible to flooding and loss of life during a major hurricane?

The Hurricane Hunters
You've seen Twister, a movie about people who chase tornadoes. Now, meet some real-life hurricane hunters.

Hurricane Tracking Chart
Print out this handy hurricane tracking chart to keep up with hurricanes as they progress.

Weather Links
A collection of the best weather information on the Web, reviewed and catagorized.

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