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Red Cross Shelters
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Emergency Information

The opening of the following shelters on a countywide basis will normally occur only as a hurricane approaches. For public shelter needs resulting from tropical storms, localized high tides or freshwater flooding, selected shelter openings will be announced by local emergency personnel and media.

Shelter openings may vary with each emergency. All residents needing shelter should tune into local television and radio stations for updated shelter information. Announcements will be made confirming shelter openings and designating alternate shelters if necessary.

Please click here for current evacuation sites for
Pasco County
Evacuation zones and shelters [134 k]. Adobe Acrobat file

Emergency Information

Emergency information for evacuation and warning:

If you need help locating your evacuation zone, route or shelter before a hurricane threatens, call the Pasco County Office of Disaster Preparedness:
New Port Richey (727) 847-8137
Land O'Lakes (813) 996-7341
Dade City (352) 521-4274
TDD (813) 847-8949

The county Office of Emergency Management has a Web site: http://pascocounty.com/odp/

During an evacuation, the county will have special numbers residents can call. For information during a hurricane only, call:
Resident Information Center (813) 847-8959
Other agencies
Red Cross, West Pasco (813) 849-7794
Red Cross, East Pasco County (813) 251-0921

(For advance registration and need assessment of homebound and special needs residents. Officials will interview residents over the phone to assess their needs.)

To be used only in emergencies: 911

Emergency requiring police, fire or medical assistance only anywhere in Pasco County.


As a hurricane approaches, radio and television stations will be important sources of emergency information. Stay tuned to local channels.

In the Tampa Bay area, the National Weather Service will broadcast regularly updated information on its special FM high-band frequency of 162.55 megahertz.

On the Web: National Hurricane Center -- http://www.nhc.noaa.gov