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Insurance 101

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Insurance 101

First, review insurance

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Before a hurricane threatens, insurance industry representatives suggest you:

Read your policy to see exactly what coverage you have. If you don't understand, get your agent to explain it.

Find out whether you have "guaranteed replacement cost" insurance -- what it would really cost to replace your home and contents at current value. Or do you have "actual cash value" -- depreciated cost? Does your policy have an automatic "inflation guard" to keep up with current costs?

Be aware that your homeowners policy does not cover flood damage. For this, you must have separate flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Know your insurance carrier and make sure you have phone numbers for the company. Keep your policy in a safe place, and if you have to evacuate, take the policy with you.

If you rent, be aware that your landlord's homeowners insurance does not cover your possessions. You need your own renters insurance.

There's a 30-day waiting period on flood insurance from the time you apply to the day it's effective. If you wait to call your agent until the hurricane warnings go up, it's too late

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