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Hurricane insurance basics

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The aftermath of Hurricane Elena on Pinellas County Beaches.

Homeowners, mobile homeowners and renters insurance usually covers the following: wind damage; rain damage that is a result of rain entering through a wind-damaged area; theft; vandalism and fire. If these damages occur, the insurance pays for: emergency repairs to prevent further damage; additional living expenses; debris removal; actual cash value or replacement value of the damaged property, depending on the policy.

Flood insurance is sold separately, but usually in conjunction with homeowners, mobile homeowners and renters insurance. It covers damage by these types of water: waves; tidal action; overflowing rivers, creeks or lakes; and groundwater runoff. Also covered by flood insurance are repair or replacement of damaged or destroyed buildings; compensation for damaged or destroyed personal property at its actual cash value; debris removal.

Cars damaged by hurricanes are usually covered by the comprehensive section of an auto insurance policy.

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