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© St. Petersburg Times, published October 12, 1998

Don't say you haven't been warned. Right on the box for HeadRush, a spinoff from the popular You Don't Know Jack series of trivia games, it clearly states:

"This product contains immature content, loud body noises, a smattering of mildly saucy language and references to music, TV shows and movies that will definitely not be suitable for most geezers. Besides, they won't get it anyway."

While some friends (and family) put me in the old geezer category, I'm not totally ready to wear the label. So I tried the game with my kids.

HeadRush is in the same TV game show format as You Don't Know Jack, which I enjoy. It has animation for sight gags aimed at the teen market (zits are big), music aimed at a younger audience and categories that push a different kind of envelope (such as "Let's Make Fun of Old People," in this case a Rogaine-related question; "Smell the Dairy Air," a question loosely based around Dairy Queen; or "Even Purple Dinosaurs Have to Die Someday").

It takes us from You Don't Know Jack's fascination with the Brady Bunch and other '70s entertainment to Friends, My So-Called Life, Beavis and Butt-Head, Ren and Stimpy, etc.

The Jack Attack finale becomes the HeadRush, which even my kids found obscure. Dis or Dat remains the same. Players (up to three can play at a time) choose a cartoon icon that reacts based on whether the answer is right or wrong.

First, my 15-year-old daughter's reaction: "It's corny" (and she loves You Don't Know Jack).

Then, my 13-year-old son, who couldn't stop giggling at the animation sight gags, categories and the announcer's one-liners.

For the record, I defeated both of them. Take that, young whippersnappers.
-- Dave Gussow, Times technology editor


Company: Berkeley Systems

Price: $29.95

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